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IG, Pinterest, and YouTube Shorts: Social Media Updates for Content Creators

IG Stickers “Add Yours”

Instagram’s new “Add Yours” sticker is the latest offering available in the social leaders arsenal for creators to utilize and promote fan engagement. Launched shortly after the popular “Link Sticker” feature, “Add Yours” makes your content even more collaborative and interactive. Users can easily add interactive stickers to their stories which will create viral content chains on the platform via IG Stories. When a person includes the “Add Yours” sticker to their story, it starts a chain reaction in which their followers, and any Instagram user, can join in the challenge. 

instagram add yours sticker

image via Instagram

Creators understand the importance of community engagement and how it affects overall online presence. “Add Yours” is a fresh and easy way to drive said engagement. The viral content chains it creates can be used to draw attention to a brand- achieved when the brand shares the “Add Yours” sticker on their story. When you participate in an “Add Yours” chain, it is likely that new followers will discover your content and possibly follow your account.

Pinterest Live Shopping

On November 8th Pinterest is set to launch its latest feature, Pinterest TV – a series of live, original, shoppable episodes that feature Pinterest creators such as one of our faves, Manny MUA. Episodes will air Mondays to Fridays at 6pm EST and will be available on both iOS and Android. In July 2020, the company adopted creator monetization which introduced shoppable pins that created a means for creators to use affiliate links to earn commissions.


How to Earn On Pinterest: 

  1. Create MagicLinks for your favorite products and brands in your MagicLinks Creator Portal
  2. Create a new pin on Pinterest with your content
  3. Paste in MagicLink as the link for the Pin. 
  4. Sit back and let your passive income stream roll in!

pinterest tips for content creators

image via Pinterest

Pinterest Pro Tips: 

  • Vertical images or videos often perform best on Pinterest.
  • Create “Idea Pins” that show tutorials and how-tos in a series of video pins
  • Pin multiple times a day
  • Write captivating and detailed  descriptions with relevant keywords 
  • Also add your MagicLinks to your Pin description text
  • Pin your past content from other channels to cross promote and grow your followers (make sure they have MagicLinks included as well!)

YouTube Shorts Trends

Since its launch in July 2021, YouTube shorts has garnered a ton of popularity and has been making waves as the means for mobile creators to monetize while growing a community on the platform. The spot to shoot, share, and binge short videos requires no fancy equipment and has no limit on what you can create. The YouTube Shorts fund of $100M was also launched for eligible creators. 

The YouTube Shorts Report Includes Trending Content Types: 

  • POV Content
    • Videos where the viewer is being “talked to” or experiencing the scene with the creator. 
    • EX: Your favorite auntie telling you you’re doing a good job and handing you a cookie.
  • Storytelling
    • Videos of creators doing something like putting on makeup or everyday activity while telling a story
    • EX: A ten-part story about a dramatic relationship ending told by a creator while they get ready for work in the morning.

As an attempt to compete with TikTok, YouTube shorts allows YouTubers to create and post short videos through their mobile phones. With a maximum time limit of 60 seconds, the content of the Shorts varies according to the choices of the creator. Although it’s currently in beta, this doe not limit how creators can maximize its usage.

Here are some tips on how to leverage YouTube Shorts

  • The first step is to find the type of YouTube audience you want to your content to resonate with before you determine the content you will produce with Shorts. 
  • Create content that grabs attention in the first few seconds.
  • Most importantly, ensure you always create relevant content for your audience, especially if you already have a solid subscriber list. 
  • Sign up for Shorts Report to get the latest news from YouTube on the new format.

Consistency is key in areas like this, always keep the energy up. Shorts’ algorithm benefits creators because numerous people have had their following increase substantially within a short period. The more relevant content you release, the more you will increase your followers and thus, bring more attention to your brand. Also, the YouTube Shorts Fund provides a means for creators to be rewarded for their creative content. 

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