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Why creators choose MagicLinks:

Highest possible earnings for you

Access to thousands of retailers under one umbrella, with high earnings potential

We partner with the most relevant, globally-recognized retailers that you ask for, and negotiate the best terms on your behalf. We are dedicated to ensuring that you can earn the highest commissions on the brands that inspire you. And importantly, the ability to do it all on one platform.

Highest possible earnings for you

We're not your grandmother's affiliate

The affiliate model is complex. Historically, it has been challenging for influencers to get credited for the sales you refer. The word itself — affiliate — implies mistrust for many of you who have inspired thousands of your fans to buy a product or service, yet received less than you deserved. We built MagicLinks to solve this problem. We work behind the scenes every day with retailers to ensure your success.

Highest possible earnings for you

Full transparency on retailers = more informed decisions

MagicLinks’ Retailer Ratings give you clarity in finding the best source to link to. With thousands of options available, we give you information on how each retailer is set up to reward influencers (you). Whether you care about the nitty-gritty details, the choice is yours – we love to geek out on this stuff.

Highest possible earnings for you

Robust Data Reporting

Full analytics on clicks and sales: see what your audience is buying, where they are located, which retailers you earn the most from, and more. Use this data to better inform your content strategy and negotiate larger brand deals.

Highest possible earnings for you

It's Totally Free

We earn from the Retailers' commission payouts, not from creators. We believe in open, transparent partnerships, so you do not have exclusivity requirements from MagicLinks. Plus, our revenue share with creators is highest in the industry.

Highest possible earnings for you

Exclusive Sponsorships

Access to sponsorship deals with your favorite brands. As a user, you are immediately discoverable to our brand partners seeking high-performing influencers for larger campaigns.

What creators say about MagicLinks:

Blanka White
Blanka White Toronto, Canada
"Not only is it helpful for your viewers to get directly linked to the item you’re talking about, but you’re also going to make some extra cash on the side. It’s so easy and fun to use."
Passion Jonesz
Passion Jonesz New York, NY
"If you are an influencer or a creator, sign up! It will change your life for the better."
Mallory Cornelison
Mallory Cornelison Houston, TX
"It allows my viewers to easily shop what I’m talking about and what I’m wearing."
Tasha Farsaci
Tasha Farsaci Los Angeles, CA
"MagicLinks has given me the opportunity to work with a ton of different brands and stores."

Access to over
3,000 retailers

Access to over 3,000 retailers

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