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Instagram Adds Linking Sticker to IG Stories for all Users

IG Link Stickers for All!

This week Instagram announced they will be rolling out the “link in stories” sticker to give all users an option to add a link in their stories.

Previously, only certain creator & business accounts had the function available to add a clickable link in their stories.

This update will enable creators of all sizes to monetize their content with commissionable links like MagicLinks or share collections of links through a link in bio solution like our ObsessedWith.It tool.

The feature has entirely replaced the previous “swipe up” option that was discontinued in August 2021.

How to use Link Stickers in Instagram Stories:

  1. Create an Instagram Story
  2. In the top navigation toolbar, select Stickers
  3. Choose the Link Sticker
  4. Copy & Paste the link you would like to share (don’t forget to grab a MagicLink if you want to earn from it!)
  5. Arrange the sticker to your liking
  6. Tap sticker for color options
  7. And Post!

Tips for using the Instagram Link Sticker to grow your business as an influencer:

  • Continue to make engaging content for your audience – that’s why they follow you after all.
  • If you have a large number or collection of things to link to, leverage a “link in bio” solution like our ObsessedWith.It tool that allows you to arrange all your product recommendations/collections in one shoppable feed for your audience. That way you can share one link where everything lives vs. sharing a bunch of links to single items one by one.
  • Align your content with your links – if you are creating content about your latest shopping haul, your links should be to that collection of items or similar items vs. something completely different.
  • If you don’t yet have the ability to earn money every time someone shops your links, apply to MagicLinks Creator Network to get access to our influencer tools and monetization ability!

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