Oh hi, it's good to see you here.

We're growing fast (like, really fast), so it goes without saying, we are always looking for exceptional talent to join our high-performing team. Before you shop the roles, there are some things we think you should know....

As a team, we are obsessed with what we do, where we do it, how we do it, why we do it, and above all... who we do it with. And for this, we have an F* Yes. Or No hiring policy. F Yes is more than the resume, more than the interview, more than the qualitative and quantitative skill set. It's a knowing.

At MagicLinks, we support each other and keep it real 24/7. We know when to keep it profesh; and when we can wild out in our office (and oftentimes some mix of the two), which btw, is a baller art studio in the heart of Venice, CA.

MagicLinks Careers

what makes the Magic – Our Shared Values

Forward, Always

We’re future thinkers who are curious and focused on driving meaningful change for our partners, employees, and the world around us. We experiment & execute with strategic speed and celebrate both our successes and failures, recognizing that learning from the past allows us to actualize the future. We overcome challenges and remain laser focused on continued movement towards our higher goals. Through this, we create outcomes that raise the bar both internally and in our industry.

Come As You Are

...and be prepared to grow. Your individuality makes our collective stronger. Each human has a unique way in which they contribute to MagicLinks through their own lived experiences, distinctive upbringings, and individual quirkiness. We’ve created an environment that welcomes all, encourages growth and harnesses existing talents. Diversity, equity and inclusion is in the foundation of our business, and we honor the fact that our collective uniqueness isn’t only an integral part of who we are, but a key driver in our success.

Give a Lot of Damns

Impact is expected - at every level. We take ownership in the quality of our work and go above and beyond the status quo to deliver exceptional results to all of our stakeholders, focusing on what’s best even when it’s difficult. By holding ourselves and our partners to a higher standard, we become 1% better every day to continually increase the impact we’re capable of.

With Heart

We lead with courage, passion, and empathy by putting our hearts into the relationships we build and the work we deliver. We’re respected for our commitment to openness, consistently doing our best to establish and maintain trust. We prioritize purpose and playfulness in everything we do, recognizing that we’re human first and that connectivity to one another matters.

Conscious Co-Creation

We go further by aligning intentions and creating together. Our technology brings the goals of our creators and brands into alignment, propelling them forward faster. By co-creating with our team and partners and leveraging our strengths, we can multiply the impact possible in the world of conscious consumerism - delivering the strongest results possible.

a few words on Diversity

We're equally committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplace and in how we show up in this world. To us, diversity means recognizing that different views and experiences are as important as those we're already familiar with. It means taking radical ownership of the things we affect as individuals and as a company - including even inherited ways of doing things which may be destructive or biased and which we must work to change. It means looking at the world and making sure we embody as many of its best qualities as we can, and striving for that as a matter of principle, not as a marketing goal we check off a list.

This is how we strive to practice We define diversity as making sure (1) our table represents people from varying backgrounds, (2) inclusion as making sure our people have a seat at the table, and (3) equity as making sure our people have the same means to get to the table in the first place. Externally, we apply the same policies to partnerships, marketing, and product development.

Ultimately, diversity goes beyond what we look like, who we are, who we love or how we think. Diversity is shorthand for an integrity-driven way of operating and growing every single day, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

You've read this far so now all that's left is hitting us with that boom-boom-pow through a killer resume and cover letter for any of our opportunities that pique your interest.

Buenas suerte,


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