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New YouTube Shorts Feature Promises BIG Pay for Short Videos

Heard of YouTube Shorts? It’s YouTube’s newest feature, currently undergoing beta testing in India. These short-form videos – under 60 seconds – bear an uncanny resemblance to TikTok, the current short-form king. Shocking, we know.

Update 03/18/2021: YouTube Shorts are officially LIVE in a beta test in the United States!

YouTube states that they are testing different ways for viewers to find YouTube Shorts videos. Right now, they’re found on:

  1. On the YouTube homepage and Shorts shelf
  2. By searching “YouTube Shorts”
  3. Featured on your channel homepage
  4. When they are already subscribed to your channel + have the What To Watch Next feature enabled

    viewers can find YouTube Shorts by searching for "YouTube Shorts" on the YouTube mobile app

    Pro Tip: Add #Shorts to your YouTube Shorts description & hashtags. This helps YouTube’s software find & recommend your Shorts.

    Update 02/28/2021: YouTube has announced that YouTube Shorts will be officially launching in the US in March 2021. Users will see the YouTube Shorts icon, below, at the top of their mobile YouTube homepage.

    new youtube shorts icon for march 2021 usa release

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    YouTubers can monetize YouTube Shorts Videos NOW, even though the feature isn’t globally available – here’s how!

    YouTube Shorts Rank High In Feeds

    Remember how Instagram’s favoring creators who upload a ton of Reels? In the same fashion, YouTube’s algorithm is boosting creators who upload short videos, even though YouTube Shorts isn’t globally available.

    Now, short videos are showing up higher in viewers’ app feeds. By doing this, YouTube’s priming creators to get in the habit of uploading short videos (feel like a lab rat yet?).

    Pro Tip: Creators who post at least 2 under-60-second (unofficial) YouTube Shorts videos a week reap the biggest rewards. This is a great place to share behind-the-scenes clips, quick tips & hacks, or hilarious outtakes! Notably, smaller channels benefit the most, as it’s difficult to get potential new fans to click & watch longer videos from a smaller channel.

    Where & How to Watch YouTube Shorts

    YouTube has yet to announce a global #Shorts release date. As a global viewer, you’ll see them in the Short Videos & Stories section of the app.

    Creators Wanna Know:
    Will They Make Money?

    Yes and no. The usual YouTube ad revenue split is 45/55 (45% to YouTube, 55% to creator), of course, but earnings depend on a lot of factors, including but not limited to: Watch time, video length, type, and viewer demographic.

    It’s worth noting that, in India (the only place Shorts are officially live) Shorts aren’t yet monetizable if videos are viewed in the Shorts section of the YouTube app. Currently, YouTube Shorts have no embedded ads. Shorts also generate no channel subscription revenue.

    Creators in other countries, however, are finding their shortest (>2 minutes) videos are suddenly going viral — and raking in Adsense revenue!

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    • Third, grab the pre-populated (thanks, auto-sync!) ObsessedWith.It page URL from the MagicLinks app, and pop it in the video description text.

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    *Cover image features MagicLinks creators Mandy Davis MUA, Immaculate Bites, and Mikey Chen of Strictly Dumpling

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