Our Privacy Policy sets out what information we collect about you, how we may use or disclose that information, and the choices you have. This policy provides additional information about cookies.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files which are stored on the browser or device that you use to view a website, social post, application, or other content. There are many types of cookies, including session cookies (which expire when you close your browser or application), persistent cookies (which expire after a certain amount of time or on a specific date), and flash cookies (written using Adobe Flash and which may be permanently store). Most major browsers are set up so that they will initially accept cookies. For additional information, please see our Privacy Policy.

What Are Cookies Used For?

Cookies help store user preferences and track user activity, both within the Services and beyond. For example, cookies help MagicLinks recognize you at login, provide you with a personalized premium experience, and track sales in order to pay commissions to influencers after you make a purchase, and to provide other analytics to help us asses and improve our services. For additional information, please see our Privacy Policy.

When Do We Set Cookies?

We met set cookies when you visit our Sites, when you download our apps, and as you interact with our services, which includes emails, newsletters, ads, instant messages, and other communication. We may also set cookies when you are browsing a third party partner (such as a retailer website, app, or an influencers’ blog). Third party cookies and other tracking technologies may also be used in our services. For additional information, please see our Privacy Policy.

How Do I Control Cookies?

Most browsers provide you with cookie controls. For more detailed information on your Choices in relation to our Services, please see our Privacy Policy. If you choose to block, reject, delete, or change the management settings for cookies, then the Services may not function properly or at all.

This Cookie Policy was last modified on September 26th, 2018.