The beauty of MagicLinks lies in our win/win structure. Since 2015, we've created organic revenue streams for influencers whose fans trust their authenticity and recommendations. Brands know their products are in front of the right people by virtue of us connecting them with the right influencers.

Partners Who Inspire


Our vibrant and curated community is home to over 20,000 influencers (and their 150M+ millenial fans). Meanwhile our diverse partnerships (5,000 and growing) mean world-class brands trust our collaboration to grow their market share and provide reliable ROAS, every time.

Growing Our Way


We give a lot of damns at MagicLinks. That means rolling up our sleeves and giving back to our community whenever possible, while continuing to benefit all our business relationships.

MagicLinks is a Certified B Corp, a distinction shared by only about 3,500 certified B Corporations globally. MagicLinks was one of the first influencer technology companies to join the B Corp ranks in 2020.

Looking ahead, what matters is not the certification itself, but the way we live into the spirit of B Corp through well-defined commitments, followed by actions. To our current and future partners alike, we invite you to join us in reinventing e-commerce for the conscious consumer.


We are digital video natives, driven by data, passionate about influencer community,
and committed to leaving the world a better place.

  • Brian Nickerson
    Brian Nickerson
    CEO / Co-founder
    Favorites: Surfing, Crystal Reiki, Transformational Change
    Word of the year: Sacred
    Commitment: Eliminate single use plastic purchases.
  • Christian Levy
    Christian Levy
    Head of Engineering / Co-founder
    Favorites: Cycling, Basketball, Dogs
    Word of the year: Communication
    Commitment: Explore Solar Energy
  • Jennifer Piña
    Jennifer Piña
    Director of Brand Partnerships
    Favorites: Nomadic Traveling, Ocean, Rhythm
    Word of the year: (be the) Witness
    Commitment: Zero plastic
  • Ed Gross
    Ed Gross
    Director of Brand Sales
    Favorites: Family, Guitar, Dachshunds
    Word of the year: Opportunity
    Commitment: To make sustainable dietary choices for myself and my family as well as making minimal purchases and consuming responsibly.
  • Victor Murygin
    Victor Murygin
    Director of Technology
    Favorites: Travel, Martial Arts, Learning new things
    Word of the year: Actualization
    Commitment: Stop using one-time plastic water bottles
  • Haesil Shin
    Haesil Shin
    Director of Marketing
    Favorites: Traveling, Coffee, Movies
    Word of the year: Forward
    Commitment: Buy less one-time use items
  • Meghan Arthur
    Meghan Arthur
    Sr. Product Manager
    Favorites: Cooking for Family & Friends, Being in Nature, Travel
    Word of the year: Service
    Commitment: Composting & Growing my Own Veggies
  • Bryan Mirabal
    Bryan Mirabal
    Sr. Manager, Creative Lab
    Favorites: Sunset Hikes, Music Videos, Surrealist Art
    Word of the year: Transduce
    Commitment: Mindful of single-use plastics when grocery shopping
  • Nicole Lauture
    Nicole Lauture
    Sr. Influencer Manager
    Favorites: Road Trips, Belly Laughs and Spicy Food
    Word of the year: Service
    Commitment: No more single use plastic. Buy from more sustainable brands.
  • Ginalyn Nacnac
    Ginalyn Nacnac
    Marketing Manager
    Favorites: Personal-development, music, coffee
    Word of the year: Scale
    Commitment: Eating mostly whole foods, no packaging
  • Albert Byaruhanga
    Albert Byaruhanga
    Principal Engineer - DevOps & Site Reliability
    Favorites: Biking, Hiking, Grilling
    Word of the year: Aspire
    Commitment: Conserve Water
  • Alberto GarciaTunon
    Alberto GarciaTunon
    Sr. Data Scientist
    Favorites: Traveling, Reading, the Beach and Exercise
    Word of the year: Growth
    Commitment: Stop buying plastic products
  • Augusto Zangrandi
    Augusto Zangrandi
    Sr. Back-End Engineer
    Favorites: Programming, Healthy Recipes, Interior Design
    Word of the year: Self-improvement
  • Isânio Moraes
    Isânio Moraes
    Sr. Front-End Engineer
    Favorites: Jesus, Sci-Fi, Movies
    Word of the year: Foundation
    Commitment: Reduce plastic waste.
  • Michael Olawepo
    Michael Olawepo
    Lead QA Engineer
    Favorites: Technology, Beer and Family
    Word of the year: Progress
    Commitment: use electric car
  • Andy Gold
    Andy Gold
    Scrum Master
    Favorites: Hiking, reading, gaming
    Word of the year: Sustainable
    Commitment: Plastics down, recycling up
  • Andy Hohl
    Andy Hohl
    Account Executive
    Favorites: Travel, Music, Documentaries
    Word of the year: Passion
    Commitment: Walk more rather than Uber to destinations
  • Brian Rosenthal
    Brian Rosenthal
    Brand Sales
    Favorites: Family, Guitar, Chicago Sports (although they often drive me nuts)
    Word of the year: Grateful
    Commitment: More Recycling
  • Brooke Bovee
    Brooke Bovee
    Influencer Partnerships Manager
    Favorites: Basketball, hiking, sunshine
    Word of the year: Peace
    Commitment: Reduce commuting by walking and biking
  • Callan Reilly
    Callan Reilly
    Community Lead
    Favorites: Clean beauty, Cooking, Sunshine
    Word of the year: Expand
    Commitment: Compost at home.
  • Carly Schwartz
    Carly Schwartz
    Influencer Partnerships Coordinator
    Favorites: Driving down PCH with the windows down, with an iced coffee jamming to a 90’s playlist
    Word of the year: Intention
    Commitment: Decreasing my use of disposable water bottles
  • Charmein Reyes
    Charmein Reyes
    Creative Strategist
    Favorites: Music festivals, iced matcha lattes, dogs
    Word of the year: Intentional
    Commitment: Purchasing more clean beauty, switching to reusable health/beauty products, and growing my own herbs/produce
  • Chelsea Smith
    Chelsea Smith
    Marketing Manager, Influencer Acquisition
    Favorites: Goldendoodles, being in the ocean, movement
    Word of the year: Abundance
    Commitment: Being more conscious of fast fashion, buying from more eco-friendly brands.
  • Christine Aryee
    Christine Aryee
    Influencer Partnerships Coordinator
    Favorites: Beyoncé, food and reality television
    Word of the year: Fearless
    Commitment: Ditching single-use plastic water bottles!
  • Devon Skydell
    Devon Skydell
    Brand Sales
    Favorites: Family & Friends, Traveling and Painting
    Word of the year: Growth
    Commitment: Reducing single use plastic
  • Henry Remache
    Henry Remache
    Back-End Engineer
    Favorites: Tennis, Coding and Traveling
    Word of the year: Perseverance
    Commitment: Stop using plastics bags in supermarkets and start recycling on my house.
  • Janet Cowan
    Janet Cowan
    Creator Services
    Favorites: My Family, Harry Potter, Makeup
    Word of the year: Enrich
    Commitment: Continue switching to reusable everything.
  • Jenna Meyerowitz
    Jenna Meyerowitz
    Brand Sales
    Favorites: Scuba Diving, South Africa, Pesto
    Word of the year: Gratitude
    Commitment: Consistently recycle
  • Johnmer Bencomo
    Johnmer Bencomo
    Back-End Engineer
    Favorites: Good music, learning and quality time with my family
    Word of the year: Trust
    Commitment: Plant a tree
  • Kate Paguinto
    Kate Paguinto
    Influencer Marketing Coordinator
    Favorites: Movies, Summertime, Taika Waititi
    Word of the year: Manifest
  • Laurie Johnson
    Laurie Johnson
    Favorites: Stormy Weather, Hot Tubbing, The Beach
    Word of the year: Intentional
    Commitment: Reduce Consumerism & Reuse
  • Lila Savoia
    Lila Savoia
    Influencer Relations Assistant
    Favorites: My english bulldog Dolores, good friends & good food
    Word of the year: Happiness
    Commitment: Limit my consumption of animal products
  • Maggie Suszka
    Maggie Suszka
    Creative Strategist
    Favorites: Surfing, Family & Friends, Adventure
    Word of the year: Relentless Acceptance & Ruthless Prioritization
    Commitment: Zero red meat consumption!
  • Michelle Pearson
    Michelle Pearson
    Brand Sales
    Favorites: Love itself, Purple, and Music
    Word of the year: Change
    Commitment: Recycle Everything
  • Nicole Lim
    Nicole Lim
    Social Responsibility Strategist
    Favorites: Cooking, Travelling, and Cleantech
    Word of the year: Serendipity
    Commitment: Volunteer in communities suffering from environmental injustices
  • Stephanie Delgado
    Stephanie Delgado
    Brand Sales
    Favorites: Iced coffee, working out, Beyonce :)
    Word of the year: Positivity
    Commitment: Minimize waste and recycle
  • Taylor Stammen
    Taylor Stammen
    Influencer Partnerships Coordinator
    Favorites: Travel, aesthetically pleasing restaurants, farmers markets
    Word of the year: Extraordinary
    Commitment: Bringing a reusable shopping bag to Trader Joes
  • Tiffany Le-Pham
    Tiffany Le-Pham
    Influencer Partnerships Manager
    Favorites: Iced coffee, my tiny dog Bear, and Taylor Swift!
    Word of the year: Intentional
    Commitment: Upcycling clothes and not shopping fast fashion.
  • Vinicius Kawamoto
    Vinicius Kawamoto
    Front-End Engineer
    Favorites: Programming, Soccer, Gaming
    Word of the year: Innovation
    Commitment: Consume organic foods
  • Audrey Lim
    Audrey Lim
    Influencer Relations Intern
    Favorites: Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, fries and spontaneous roadtrips
    Word of the year: Conscientiousness
    Commitment: Prioritise using only sustainable and ethical products
  • Autumn Collins
    Autumn Collins
    Digital Marketing Intern
    Favorites: Art, Reading, and Movies
    Word of the year: Optimism
    Commitment: Using reusable straws
  • Bailey Burke
    Bailey Burke
    Creative Lab Intern
    Favorites: Travel, Good Food, The Ocean
    Word of the year: Yes
    Commitment: Eat a plant based diet 4+ days per week
  • Dyani Heredia-Urias
    Dyani Heredia-Urias
    Digital Marketing Intern
    Favorites: Gluten and dairy free banana bread, pilates, traveling
    Word of the year: Balance
    Commitment: Finding a balance between thrifting and fast fashion
  • Lauren Snyder
    Lauren Snyder
    Creator Success Intern
    Favorites: New clothes, the beach, and coffee
    Word of the year: Connection
    Commitment: Shop at the local farmers market
  • Rachel Simon
    Rachel Simon
    Influencer Partnerships Intern
    Favorites: Yoga, Oats, Music
    Word of the year: Reflection
    Commitment: No single use water bottles
  • Tiffany Chang
    Tiffany Chang
    Marketing Intern
    Favorites: Bunnies, reading, and Netflix
    Word of the year: Persistence
    Commitment: Learning more about racial injustice and mutual aid funds/organizations in my community
  • Gary Weizenecker
    Gary Weizenecker
    Art and Design
    Favorites: Plants / Nature, Humans / Animals, Love / Happiness
    Word of the year: Persistence
    Commitment: Planting more trees in our local community
  • Marc Ladin
    Marc Ladin
    Favorites: Food, Risk, Surprises
  • Samira Mahjoub Tapia
    Samira Mahjoub Tapia
    Favorites: Shopping, Cars, Home Decor
  • Shari Gibbons
    Shari Gibbons
    Favorites: Phil (Husband), Finn (Border Collie), Team MagicLinks
    Word of the year: Health

At MagicLinks, we recognize diversity as something bigger than a search term or buzzword. Diversity here is an acknowledgement that the world is made up of many different facets, that all human beings have intrinsic value and worth, and are under no obligation to be anything other than their honest selves. Diversity means recognizing that different views and experiences are as important as those we’re already familiar with. It means taking radical ownership of the things we affect as individuals and as a company - including even inherited ways of doing things which may be destructive or biased and which we must work to change. It means looking at the world and making sure we embody as many of its best qualities as we can, and striving for that as a matter of principle, not as a marketing goal we check off a list.

Diversity goes beyond what we look like, who we are, who we love or how we think. Diversity is shorthand for an integrity-driven way of operating and growing every single day, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.