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Grow Your Channels Fast In 2021: 5 Key Metrics Brands Want To See From Creators


MagicLinks’ Secrets to Reading Your Social Media Analytics Like A Marketing Pro


Want to grow your channels fast in 2021? Eager to get more subscribers, earn more money on your channels, and get brand deals? Then you NEED to learn how to read your social media analytics. The competition out there is fierce: Only influencers who critically analyze their performance stats will survive.

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Why Your Channel Data Matters

We doubt you started a channel because you just loooove number crunching (but if you did, we’re impressed). You love creating content & engaging with your fans, not poring over charts.

Still, influencers need to know how to read + interpret their YouTube Analytics, Instagram Insights, and TikTok Analytics. Why? Because this data is the key to unlocking growth, ad revenue, sponsorships, commissions – you name it!

Fun fact: Influencer marketing drives an average return of $18 for every $1 a brand spends.

Obviously, a 1,700% profit is a really good deal.

As much as brands love participating in viral trends, however, they want long-term creator partnerships.

In particular, brands like working with influencers who:

  • Grow their channels steadily & organically
  • Have a loyal, engaged fan base, especially if their subscriber demographics match the brand’s target audience
  • Can back up their creativity with proven success – sales, views, etc

To attract brands’ attention, therefore, you need to understand your channel metrics. Next, learn how to use your data to grow your channels & prove to brands that you’re worth the investment.

The Five Main Influencer Marketing Metrics Brands Use When Casting Influencer Campaigns


Your fab personality & videos are what makes fans watch and brands eager to cast you. Since brands have to back up their casting choices with measurable data before they fork out campaign fees, though, they look at these five metrics.

Engagement rate (ER) - Number of interactions on a piece of content (likes, comments, shares) divided by the number of followers on the content’s channel. This shows brands how active and engaged your fans are with your content. Click-through rate (CTR) - Number of clicks on a link in your content divided by the number of video views. This is a measure of how good your content is at driving fans to click through to stores you’re recommending. Conversion rate (CR) - Total amount of sales on a link divided by the number of clicks on that link. It proves, on average, how many sales you drive through your videos. Return on Investment (ROI) - Your fee for a sponsored post, divided by the total sales the post drove. If you’ve done a sponsored campaign before, how much in sales did you drive, and how much were you paid? The campaign fee to campaign sales ratio is your ROI View-through statistics - The number of complete views of a piece of content (ad or video). Do your fans consistently watch your videos all the way through?

Numbers Are Great, Sure, But What About My CONTENT?

As (the fake) Professor Moody told Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Goblet of FirePlay to your strengths.

check out your channel insights: what do your best- and worst-performing videos have in common? -topics & brands, i.e. fast fashion, clean beauty -video types, i.e. lookbooks, vlogs, tutorials, etc -title & caption keywords -title, video, & caption length use this info to create more of the content you KNOW your fans love, then watch your earnings & channel growth soar!

What’s a “good” engagement rate? That depends on:

  • The social media platform – YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, etc
  • The influencer tier – Nano, Micro, Macro, or Mega
  • The brand – different brands have different minimums
to grow your channels fast in 2021, aim for these average influencer engagement rates for youtube, tiktok, and instagram for nano, micro, macro, and mega influencers

Tiktok rates courtesy of The Infinite Agency & Business Insider. Instagram and YouTube rate ranges courtesy of Tubefilter

How Can YOU Use Social Media Analytics Knowledge to Grow Your Channels Fast?


Key Takeaways

Get to know your major channel statistics: Viewer demographics, view-through rate, engagement rate, click through rate, and conversion rate. Then:

  • Examine your top-performing videos to figure out what your fans love most
  • Increase your appeal to brands by selling more through your MagicLinks & having a professional media kit + pitch letter
  • Know your competition in your content vertical, platform, and follower size range: What do your competitors do well, that you can use on your channels?

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Cover images courtesy of MagicLinks influencers Franchelli Rodriguez, Robert Welsh, and Mena Adubea

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