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MagicLinks 2023 Creator Marketing Trends & 2024 Predictions

As the year winds down, we’re reflecting on the whirlwind that was 2023. The highs, the lows, and the most memorable moments on social revealed a lot about the state of creator marketing. Here are the top 3 takeaways from the year’s trends and top sponsored content, and how they will impact 2024.

The below is just a taste of 2023’s magic and what’s ahead in 2024. Get our full year-in-review and more brand predictions for social marketing in 2024 here.

Creators came out on top in 2023, highlighting trends and navigating platform shifts with ease and authenticity. Below, dive into how this year’s developments will shape next year’s brand partnerships and creator content.

1. Long-term collabs deliver standout content.

One overarching theme that came out of 2023: brands are seeking out quality, longer-term partnerships, becoming ultra-focused on creators that align with their vibes and values. This is also due to rising creator fees – brands are more interested in seeing the long-term impact of their investment in individual creators.

Moving beyond one-off campaigns and creator spots is a win-win-win situation. Brands develop trust with creators and can rely on them to deliver on-brand video content. Creators are empowered to fully embrace brands that are investing in them. And, audiences get content created in real harmony between the brand and the creator.

One of @40OverFashon’s videos highlighting looks from Express, via YouTube.

🔮 Our Prediction for 2024:

Brands will continue investing in specific, tried-and-true creators more deeply. This is good news for currently sponsored creators as it leads to more stable, long-term partnerships. Creators looking to establish themselves can break in with their ideal brands by developing consistent, high-quality content (and a fired-up fan base!)

2. Creator-driven sales haven’t (and won’t!) slow down.

Fears of economic instability and inflation haven’t stopped Gen Z and Millennials from spending: Creator-driven sales were already up 30% YoY headed into the holiday season. While TikTok Shop has boosted online sales to select viral products, some larger segments like beauty are also seeing a resurgence of in-store, creator-driven purchases.

Treat yourself to some beautiful jewelry from the new @Mejuri store in the West Loop! #ad #mejuripartner #chicago #westloop #mejuri #chicagoshopping #chicagotiktok

♬ Sunrise – Official Sound Studio’s TikTok highlights Mejuri’s new store and in-store experience.

🔮 Our Prediction for 2024:

Consumers will want more recommendations and touchpoints wherever they are, online or offline. Successful brands will leverage creators to implement this integrated approach, whether it’s introducing new products via video, pushing fans to dedicated landing pages, or encouraging them to try for themselves in-store.

3. Short-form videos are doing the heavy (brand) lifting.

TikTok, Reels, and now YouTube Shorts continue to battle for audiences’ attention. The good news for brands: overall short-form video views increased 78% this year over 2022. These bite-sized pieces of content have become key to hitting top-of-funnel metrics, including awareness and interest.

@want.zamora’s creative YouTube Short shows a quick kitchen transformation thanks to The Home Depot,

🔮 Our Prediction for 2024:

Short-form video will move further into “episodic” territory, similar to how we binge Netflix shows. Creators will lean into developing series of related content, pushing fans to look for part 2, part 3, and beyond. The major platform players will also keep adding features to ensure their algorithms grab and keep attention.

Get the full guide to 2023 creator marketing trends and 2024 predictions, including a timeline of the year’s highlights and feed favorites across social channels.

Final Thoughts on 2023 Creator Marketing Trends

2023 saw the creator channel grow up – and glow up. In-demand creators are asserting themselves as marketing and business experts with valuable insights into their fans’ mindsets. The major platforms are listening and adapting to give creators and brands what they need to better connect with their audience’s experience.

The wild ride that was social media marketing in 2023 will most likely continue into 2024. The stage is set for creators and brands alike to embrace authentic partnerships, multichannel strategies, and innovative storytelling.

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