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$$$ Tips for Influencers – Top Creators Best Practices [VIDEO]

Ever looked your fave influencer up on Social Blade and envied their 6+ figure-income? We have – in fact, we’ve made it our business to analyze those creators’ branding, content, growth, and sales, so that we can help creators like YOU become the Next Big Thing. Keep scrolling to watch our Marketing Manager, Gina, break down the keys to success!

Earn Money on Social Media:

TL;DR: Key Influencer Takeaways

We get it, you’re busy – so we took some notes from the video for you! Enjoy!

  1. The three top-selling creator types: Beauty, Fashion (big box and fast fashion), and Promo Pushers (deals/codes, etc).
  2. Be an authority in your niche, so your followers will trust your recommendations and buy through your links – aka driving conversions!
  3. Tell a story about products you’re reviewing: Pros, cons, how to use it, how to style it, where the best price for it is. Educate your followers, and you’ll get more sales.
  4. Lots. Of. Links. Fashion videos perform best with 15-20 links per video, compared to 10-5 links for Beauty and 6-12 for Promo Pushers.
  5. The top converting places to put your MagicLinks: YouTube and blogs.
  6. Focus on converting: Many premium influencers get tons of clicks, but not sales (conversions). Pepper your content with CTAs (Call To Action) that encourage fans to click & buy immediately.
  7. Top creators link the products they’re ALWAYS talking about (their most-used items) in the description of every video.
  8. Top-converting retailers: Sephora, Best Buy, Pretty Little Thing, Everlane, and Nordstrom.
  9. As a MagicLinks creator, you get access to the most transparent data reports in the industry, telling you exactly what your fans like – so you can be smart about your content and focus on what converts the most. Apply now!

Calling All Influencers!

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