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Introducing In-Bio™ – All Your Monetizable Links in One Place

Have you ever wished that you could compile all of your monetizable links in one easy place? We’ve got you covered.

Introducing MagicLinks’ new creator link in bio tool, In-Bio™.

in-bio tool image showing link in bio screenshot

Creators, this is the new shoppable mini-site you’ve been waiting for. In-Biogrants you the power to customize, curate and share your socials, product links, MagicLinks and more in a simple format that makes it easy for your fans to browse your recommendations and other social channels. 

Best of all, it’s link agnostic, meaning you can add links from any retailer through MagicLinks or otherwise, your own personal website and social links, photos and videos, and any other content you want to curate into one link In-Biopage

screenshot of a creator's link in-bio page with links to socials and productsSee Hope’s In-Bio Page Here.

Start creating your page now and show us everything you love, who you are, and what deals you’re most excited about. Add this one In-Bio link to all your social channel “about me” sections and BOOM – you’ve set up a new passive income stream. Less work, more reward. ✨

  • Monetize all your platforms with one link
  • Easily cross-promote and grow your audience by displaying all your socials on this one page
  • Exclusive FREE tool for all MagicLinks creators
  • Boost your top content
  • Earn more than you already are!
  • Easily add your ObsessedWith.It posts you’ve already created

screenshot of creator in-bio page a tool for influencers

Where to Find in-Bio™

To get started, simply visit this link and follow the below steps:

  1. Login to your MagicLinks account
  2. Head over to your Creator Dashboard 
  3. On the left-hand side, find the button ‘Tools’ and click “in-Bio”
  4. Start customizing your very own In-Bio feed
  5. Your page saves automatically so when you’re done, copy your URL link from the upper right corner, and share!

in-bio tool custom url screenshot

You can even customize your own In-Bio URL.

screenshot of free in-bio tool from magiclinks to make your own website

View Brooke’s In-Bio Here.

How-to Customize Your Own in-Bio™
  1.  Classic page: This is your personal bio page that tells your fans everything about you. You can add content blocks that include your profile, links, various social media platforms, favorite videos and extra text.
  2.  Closet page: This is your shoppable page that allows you to organize all of your favorite, monetizable links in one place. Show me the money!
    1. Add links including your MagicLinks to this page
    2. Choose the option to link your pages 

3. Appearance (coming soon):  This is where we advise you to show off
your personality. Add fun backgrounds, unique fonts, and different buttons to personalize your page and let your consumers know your style a little bit more. 

HEAD ON OVER TO IN-bio right now to start earning more with MagicLinks!


Not a MagicLinks creator yet? Sign up now HERE to access this exclusive complimentary feature!

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