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Multi-Participant Instagram Live Launching Late February 2021

HUGE news: Multi-participant Instagram Live is launching globally! Your fans already love connecting with you on livestreams, and collab videos are always a hit. Combining the two ideas into one? Genius. Read on for the full scoop, including how you can use it to grow your IG following & earn more!

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So, What Is a Multi-Participant Livestream?

In an interview with Lilly Singh on Late With Lilly, IG CEO Adam Mosseri spilled the beans: Starting within the next few weeks, creators will be able to livestream with 3 to 4 other creators. The feature was beta-tested in India (where TikTok is banned) for about 6 months, and is now nearing its global debut. Instagram Lives have increased engagement & subscriber count for millions of creators, so this is a natural next step for IG.


2020 drove a huge spike in Instagram Live, as we all sought connections amidst lockdown. A multi-creator livestream combines the channel growth effects of collabs with the engagement rate spikes of live-streaming with fans. It’s a natural step to combine the two into one feature.

How Can I Use Multi-Participant Instagram
Live to Grow My Channel?

Livestreams feel more authentic than pre-filmed, edited content: Fans love the in-the-moment connection they feel during an Instagram Live. Here are some fun ways to use the new multi-participant feature to increase engagement, gain new subscribers, and earn more commissions!

  • Invite fans to join your live and chat directly with you.
  • Share the stage with fellow influencers.
  • Moderate round-table discussions on trends, news, and pop culture.
  • Interview experts in your niche.

A successful livestream depends on preparation – but what doesn’t?

  • Decide on a topic + discussion points in advance.
  • Craft a fun, engaging Instagram Live title!
  • Create MagicLinks for products you want to recommend, ready to paste into the group chat.
  • Have each creator in the collab ready to discuss & link different items, so there’s no overlap.
  • Alert your fans in advance about the date, time, co-stars and topic of the live-stream. Time to drum up subscriber excitement!
  • Double check your wifi connection + computer or phone battery. No one wants a livestream to end unexpectedly due to internet issues, right?
  • After it’s over, add the Live video to your IGTV, with a curated ObsessedWith.It page linking all the products.

Are you excited to try this new Instagram feature and live-stream with other influencers? Let us know in the comments – and follow @magiclinks on Instagram for daily channel growth & monetization tips!

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Cover images courtesy of MagicLinks creators @seeking_alexandria and @Nabela

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