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What Should Influencers Look For In A Manager In 2021?

Whether you have 5,000 or 500,000 followers, you’ve probably been contacted by an influencer management agency. But, do influencers need an influencer manager? Moreover, what should influencers look for in a manager?

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What Does a Manager Do For a YouTuber?

A manager takes day-to-day business operations off your hands. Why? So you can focus on creating. This can include, for example:

  • Outreaching to brands about sponsorships & ambassadorships
  • Legal negotiations for campaigns, merch, and product collabs
  • Hires or performs video editing, styling, etc
  • Assist with channel strategy & growth
  • Keeps the influencer on track with work commitments

For example, MagicLinks star Maral Abedin has successful channels AND works as an influencer talent manager. She explains both sides of the influencer-manager relationship in the below video.

When Do Influencers Need A Manager?

It genuinely depends on your unique needs. There’s no set threshold of subscribers, reach, or income where you HAVE TO HAVE a manager. Do you enjoy negotiating with brands, combing your inbox for offers, etc? Or do you prefer filming videos & engaging with your fans?

For example, MagicLinks influencer Jessica Braun has 598,000 YouTube subscribers, and doesn’t have a manager: She prefers to do it all herself.

On the other hand, MagicLinks influencer Karina Waldron has 48,100 YouTube subscribers: She is signed with an influencer talent agency.

Give Me Some Specific Examples

Here’s 3 influencer milestones that could merit hiring a manager:

  1. When you get your first YouTube Play Button plaque, like MagicLinks influencers Lauryn Dolan and ASMRMagic (in cover image).
  2. Once you’re getting regular brand sponsorships.
  3. If you earn enough from your channels that you quit your day job & file influencer taxes.

What Should Influencers Look For In A Manager or Talent Agency?

Bearing your own unique needs as a creator + brand in mind, we recommend:

  • A verified portfolio of successful influencer management. Translation: Do your research. Never hire an agency or manager without a full background check.
  • A background in advertising, marketing, and/or public relations.
  • A reasonable percentage of earnings. Managers take a cut of their talent’s earnings, usually between 5-20% depending on services rendered. This flat rate includes a portion of: Adsense revenue, affiliate link commissions, brand campaigns, product collaborations, and merch revenue.
  • Conversely, beware of agencies offering guaranteed channel growth & income for an up-front flat fee: This is a common scam!
  • Never hire a manager or agency you don’t like on a personal level. They work for you – not the other way around.

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    *Cover images courtesy of MagicLinks creators Lauryn Doan and ASMRMagic

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