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Why B Corp Status Matters to Consumers, Clients, and Employees In 2021

B Corp Month: Celebrating the Better Business

B Corp status isn’t a PR strategy – it’s a way of life. Certified B Corp businesses are for-profit companies creating a more inclusive, sustainable global economy. Furthermore, B Corp status companies hold themselves to higher standards of transparency and accountability. 2020 proved that consumers are more concerned about ethics and sustainability than ever before, and 2021 is no different. So why should your business apply for certified B Corp status in 2021?

Consumers Want to Shop at
Brands With B Corp Status

The Covid-19 pandemic increased online shopping by a whopping 44% in 2020 – but it also polarized and paralyzed brands.

With this online shopping boom came a rise in awareness of sustainability practices in shipping chains and manufacturing. Shoppers were buying EVERYTHING online, from fresh produce to toilet paper. Even the least eco-savvy consumer saw the impact of all those cardboard shipping boxes & empty plastic packaging stacking up in their recycling bins. It didn’t surprise us that MagicLinks partner brands that reinforced their public-facing commitment to sustainability fared better in 2020.

MagicLinks influencer campaigns with sustainability-focused brands, for example, yielded high ROA and increased brand visibility – translation? Consumers want more. These Callaly and Prose (both B Corps!) campaign videos from Only Bells and Naomi Boyer netted thousands of views and high conversion rates.

Broader social issues, like the Black Lives Matter movement, also drove new consumer awareness about brand values on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Retailers whose racist hiring & casting practices were brought to light suffered major sales decreases. Brands that practiced social listening and drove actual change, conversely, saw great growth.

People Want to Work for
Companies They Believe In

To find & keep talented workers in 2021, companies must focus on employee benefits AND strong company values. Why? Covid-19 all but ended the traditional “9-to-5” work environment. Millions of workers reevaluated what they truly want from an employer. The result? Transparency and ethics are now top priority for employers and employees alike.

MagicLinks, for example, created a D.E.I. Task Force. We have publicly committed to casting a minimum of 30% BIPOC influencers in all brand campaigns. Our team is making the influencer industry an equitable, inclusive space as diverse as its audience.

Source: B Corp

The process of applying for B Corp Certification forces a company to do a deep dive into their practices at every level: Hiring, recruitment, performance, benefits, sustainability, and more. It is not an easy application process, nor a cheap one. There are just over 3,500 certified B Corp status companies worldwide – join us.

Responsible impact and equity have always been core MagicLinks tenets, but B Corp certification enabled us to go bigger & bolder. We’re building out new sustainability and diversity-focused products for our influencers, partner brands, and consumers – more on that later. Watch this space!

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