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Influencers + Clubhouse App= Love? Here’s What We Know So Far

How To Get Started
On Clubhouse (IF You Can
Snag An Invite)

The Clubhouse app, the ultra-buzzy, invite-only audio chat platform, might be the Next Big Influencer Platform. Launched in May 2020 with 1,500 users, Clubhouse now has over 10 MILLION users, despite still being in beta testing. Oh, and did we mention it’s currently valued at $1 billion?

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Where Can I Download Clubhouse?

Currently, the Clubhouse app is only available on the iOS store for iPhones, but in late February,Clubhouse announced they’re hiring an Android software developer. This move indicates Clubhouse is planning an Android app. There are no laptop or desktop (PC or Mac) editions of Clubhouse in the works, so don’t download one if you see it. It’s likely a malware scam.

Why Is the Clubhouse App So Popular?

Initially trendy with techies & venture capitalists, everyone wants in now: Celebrities, politicians, businesses, and, yes, influencers. On Clubhouse, social media algorithms are replaced by open, spontaneous rooms. It’s a fantastic opportunity to network, learn, and be entertained in real time. And, once the chat room is closed, it disappears into the Clubhouse ether – just like IRL conversations.

Also, the invitation-only membership model has created a slavishly loyal audience. Clubhouse users guard their two invite texts like Gollum and the One Ring.


Secret Clubhouse Fact: We’ve heard rumors that Clubhouse sometimes grants extra-active users up to FIVE text invites. If you can confirm, let us know in the comments!

The world was (and still is) stuck at home; social media, therefore, became most peoples’ main source of entertainment & contact. Clubhouse has succeeded primarily because of that desperate need for connection – and that listeners never know what’s coming next!

Unsurprisingly, Clubhouse already has two influencer programs in the works: The Creator Pilot Program and the Creator First Accelerator Program.


Clubhouse isn’t in wide release yet, but that’s not slowing them down. The Creator Pilot Program debuted in December 2020 with a 40-influencer roster. Makes sense – the creator economy is booming! As of March 14th, 2021

These influencers host regularly scheduled shows that feel like a mix of podcasts, live streams, and just hanging out with friends in your living room. Remember doing that? Ah, the Before Times.

There are three main features in the works to help creators get paid on the Clubhouse app:

  1. Tipping, a la YouTube Super Chats, Instagram Badges, and TikTok Coins
  2. Paid tickets to shows & conversations – what superfan wouldn’t love to be in a small group live chat with their fave influencer?
  3. Subscriptions to creators, clubs, and rooms

The Clubhouse Creator First Program is working with just 20 creators, and asked them which features they most want from Clubhouse. This is a strong indicator that Clubhouse is positioning itself to be a leader in the live audio sector, against features like Twitter Spaces and multi-participant Instagram Live.

the clubhouse creator first program is working with 20 creators, and asked them which of these features they most want from Clubhouse

BTW, did you catch that there’s no ad monetization in the above list? Color us intrigued!

How to make Your Clubhouse bio pop: Clubhouse doesn’t use emojis, formatting, or linking, so you’ll have to craft a buzzy bio with words alone - SEO keywords are CLUTCH here, folks (clickable links are being tested in the app, though, so stay tuned!) Link your Twitter and Instagram in Clubhouse settings under Connected Apps (these are the only 2 networks allowed so far). Clearly define the value you’ll bring to conversations. List topics you want to discuss, and the kind of conversations you want to be invited to.

But If There’s No $$ To Be Made, Why Should Influencers Use Clubhouse To Grow Their Brands – and How?

Even if you’re not in the Creator Pilot Program, Clubhouse is a fantastic place to directly connect with fans, brands, and other influencers. The app has wide release plans, but remains invite-only for the foreseeable future. You can secure your Clubhouse app username now, though, in anticipation of that glorious day. If some of your friends are in the app, they might even get a notification that you’re waiting for an invite, and send you one of theirs.

claim your clubhouse username now - if enough of your friends are on clubhouse, they might get a notification that you're trying to get in, and may share one of their two text invite codes with you!

TL;DR: If you’re able to get a Clubhouse app invite, grab it immediately. Hold it close and never let it go. Whisper sweet nothings to it in the night.

To grow your brand on Clubhouse: Start private chats with brands and creators to explore collabs. Chat with fans to get their insights on what content they love (free market research, cha-ching!). Networking with brands Start group discussion rooms with keyword-rich titles to attract search traffic.

Are Clubhouse Brand Sponsorships Coming?


Brands are eyeing the Clubhouse app as a potential new platform for influencer marketing. Why? The influencer industry proved remarkably resistant to Covid-19’s economic impact, so it’s a natural step to explore new avenues for boosting reach, engagement, and earnings.

We foresee brands paying influencers to host live chats about new collections, trend forecasts, round table discussions, and more. As with influencer live shopping, live sponsored discussions promise to generate tons of sales.

So What You’re Saying Is, I Need A Clubhouse App Invite, Like, NOW

Yup. The creators that profit the most from new social media apps tend to be the ones that get in on the ground floor. So, get while the getting’s good!

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