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What’s Hot & What’s Not: 2024 Video Marketing Trends for Brands

Video content is basically taking over our screens, and let’s face it, screens are all around us. It’s so in-your-face that it’s crucial to keep up with the latest video marketing trends if you want your brand to slay. But what’s hot today might be old news tomorrow, right?

Don’t sweat it, because at MagicLinks, we’re all about staying on the pulse of video marketing trends. Below, we break down what video marketing trends are sizzling, and which are you fizzling for 2024. That way, you can get your brand attention and engagement on social media, without wasting time on tactics that are so last season.

Ready to take your marketing to the next level with video trends? Here are the current trends to follow to gain engagement, followers, and more sales through video marketing:

Short-form video Content is on the Rise


come with me to get some new jewelry at the @Mejuri store in University Village! #seattle #seattlewa #mejuripartner

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Short-form video tells a whole story in a matter of a minute (or less!) Video via @gingerrose on TikTok

Short-form video is a win-win for both companies and audiences. It’s fun, easy to make, and quickly reels in viewers. And we’re not just talking about Instagram Reels; content creators on TikTok and YouTube Shorts saw a 78% YoY increase in views in 2023, according to MagicLinks’ data. 

These bite-sized beauties pack a punch in terms of ROI. A short-form video is under three minutes long, but you can make yours as brief as 60 seconds, and it will still be effective. Contact that shines in a short span includes:

  • Quick walkthroughs of your products or services and how they work
  • Before and after transformations (Make-up tutorials, room makeovers, outfit try-ons) 
  • Popular audio clips 
  • Trending memes and gifs that add a comedic element

Short-form videos get shot vertically, which is a big trend to be aware of when considering how content is framed.

Going Live

Live video is exactly what it sounds like — creators record themselves live and interact with their audience in real-time. How can you work it into your marketing strategy? One way is to have creators host a live shopping event where they show off your products and insert links where people can purchase with just a few clicks. 

And the best part of going live? All it takes is some planning in advance, but it’s a fantastic option to generate brand buzz. It also allows creators you partner with to authentically show off their personality, and in turn, their real passion for your brand! When done right, audiences (aka your potential customers) will appreciate the transparency and real interactions enabled by live streaming.

User-Generated Content + Creator-Generated Content

With UGC and CGC, brands share content from users and professional creators on their own social platforms. Video via MagicLinks.

If someone purchases your product and reviews it in a video, then shares it on social media on their own accord, that’s user-generated content (UGC). UGC wins over company-crafted content – consumers are 2.4x more likely to actually watch it. 

Creator-generated content (CGC) is similar, with two exceptions: the content is produced by professional creators. And, CGC is typically co-produced or produced with input from the brand. So, UGC is typically “organic” content, while CGC usually involves a contract and some form of compensation with the creator – payment, free products, etc. Even though this content gets negotiated offline, it comes off as more authentic than other types of advertising. 

With both UGC and CGC, trust plays a big part: 56% of internet users say they learn about new products from friends or acquaintances, while 32% rely on customer reviews. The payoff is potentially huge for brands, with conversions increasing an average of 29% when user- or creator-generated content is used on a brand’s website.

What’s Not: Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

You don’t want to waste valuable time and money on video marketing strategies that won’t take your brand to the next level. Here’s what to avoid:

Coming Off Too Salesy

Creators market and sell to audiences, in an authentic way that resonates (as oppose to repels) audiences. Video via 40 Over Fashion on YouTube.

So your brand is all in on video marketing to boost your awareness, engagement, and sales. But remember, being overly promotional is a major audience repellent. People crave knowledge and entertainment, not a hard sell. That’s why great creator content is so powerful: it sells, without being salesy. Creators speak to people as real people, as opposed to treating them only as potential buyers.

As opposed to selling, your main goal with influencer marketing is delivering value to your audience. When working with creators, brands may be tempted to push for brand mentions every 30 seconds. Or, want to control the specific verbiage creators use to describe a product. However, audiences aren’t tuning in to hear a message from the brand – they’re here for the creators’ take. Let them keep it real, not pushy.  

Overly Lengthy Videos

Long-form videos can still be successful as long as there is value for the viewer. Consider breaking up larger topics into multiple parts, to keep audiences come back for more. Video via Ariell Ash on YouTube.

The average human attention span has been cut down to 8 seconds. There is plenty of successful long-form content online – Twitch users watch content for an average of 95 minutes a day – but it takes a certain skill to keep eyeballs on screens for longer than a minute or two. 

Regardless of the length, audiences need to know there will be a payoff for watching the entire video. If you are investing in longer videos, make sure you understand a creator’s average watch time and when drop-off typically occurs, so you can get your brand mentions in before viewers start losing interest.

If you have a lot of content to share, consider breaking it up into a series with your creators. This episodic style of content gives you more opportunities to get in front of target audiences. Plus, it’s becoming more popular because it enables binge-watching, which is increasingly how we consume content now. Thanks, Netflix!

Using Only One Channel

Avoid tunnel vision when it comes to which social channels you adopt. If you’ve found success on TikTok or with Reels, chances are you have interested creators (and their fans) on other apps. Expand your reach by exploring other platforms – look into YouTube Shorts or even Twitch to see what possibilities await your brand there!

Video marketing can boost your sales and get you trending on social media if you do it right. Video marketing trends like short-form video, live streaming, and utilizing user-generated content can take your brand to the next level and give you an edge over the competition. Ultimately, the more authentic you (and the creators you partner with) are, the better results you can expect from your video marketing campaigns with influencers. 

How do you put your best foot forward with video this year? Reach out to MagicLinks to step up your strategy and connect with savvy video creators who understand today’s top trends. 

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