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A Guide to TikTok Ad Formats: Features & Tactics for Influencer Marketing

A Guide to TikTok Ad Formats and Creator Campaigns

TikTok has radically shifted the social media landscape. With an engagement rate of 5x other platforms and a log in rate increasing by 54% YoY, it is quickly growing as the hot real estate for organic and paid media and influencer campaigns. If you’re not yet familiar with Tiktok ad formats, it’s time to get acquainted!

Why TikTok Ads? As a relatively young channel for paid media, there is a moment of opportunity for Marketers to take advantage of more efficient media spend & high consumer engagement for higher ROI – particularly by layering it with Influencer Content. 

39% of Gen Z discover and are influenced to buy a product from TikTok Videos (

And the results echo that e-commerce viability: TikTok saw the highest quarterly consumer spend of any app or game in the first quarter of 2022 – a whopping $840 million. (via

To keep up with the rapidly growing demand for effective advertising on social, TikTok’s new ad features are designed for highly-optimized, creative ad campaigns.

As TikTok preferred partners, we are looking forward to utilizing TikTok’s ad formats and add-on features with our Creators and Brand Partners.

Here’s what’s new:

Latest & Greatest: TikTok Ad Formats

Dynamic Showcase Ads

  • Allows for thousands of personalized, programmatic ad variations based on product catalog
  • TikTok’s Dynamic Showcase ads are built to drive bottom-of-the-funnel conversions. 
  • This format auto-serves products in your category to the right users, with the right product creative.

Use them For:

  • Win back lost website visitors with retargeting
  • Reach new potential customers 
  • Advertising a large product portfolio at scale
  • Optimizing with highly-relevant product ads
  • Targeting consumers across devices

Collection Ads

  • TikTok’s dynamic collections ads are great for driving consideration and product discovery
  • Instantly loading product experience
  • Usually result in a higher CTR of about 13%
  • 3x product detail page visits on average

Use them For:

  • Driving product discovery and consideration
  • Highlight promos during holidays, seasonal shopping events or sales in order to drive conversions

TikTok Interactive Add-Ons

Interactive Add-ons for In-Feed Ads are a unique format to engage viewers with popups, stickers, and other visual elements. 


Pop-Out Showcase

TikTok is making it easier than ever for brands to drive in-app sales while engaging with your content with its Pop-Out Showcase integration. 

Brands can superimpose a clickable pop-out element and showcase a featured product or key element into a video ad. The pop-out element appears for 3 seconds at the center of the screen at your preferred timestamp— just add your compelling call-to-action (CTA). 

Driving traffic from TikTok to your brand’s website and inviting customers to make a purchase has never been easier.

The Pop-Out Showcase feature can be leveraged in an ad that’s targeted for a customer at any stage of your sales funnel, from awareness to conversion. Other use cases for this feature include integration into your next product launch (to maximize reach and frequency), and inclusion of this feature in your always-on campaigns. 


The Special Gestures integration incentivizes users to physically engage with your ad by offering a special reward, discount, or other pleasant surprise to users who engage (slide or click) on the content.

The Gesture feature boosts interaction and engagement, with TikTok stating that it can drive up to a 57% higher click-through rate (CTR)* to your brand. 

Super Like 2.0

If your audience already likes your content, why not make them ‘super’ like it? TikTok’s Super Like feature (in its second version, Super Like 2.0) has the potential to make the app and your branded content experience more engaging for users. 

Here’s how it works: by tapping the like (heart) button on a TikTok ad, different types of floating icons appear on viewers’ screens. Brands have the option to choose the icon, image, or character along with the floating heart icons. The newest iteration of this interactive add-on also features a pop-up card that prompts users to visit a landing page where they can learn more about the brand’s product or service being featured. 

According to TikTok’s data, the Super Like integration can boost your brand’s ad performance by up to 60% higher CTR and 45% higher share rate. 

Story Selection

Personalized, relevant storytelling is crucial to effective marketing. With the Story Selection integration, users can take part in how the story of an ad unfolds, with clickable characters or interactive moments. This ad format lets users shape and personalize the outcome of a brand’s video.

Brand impact: An immersive, personalized experience is a great way to engage users and build a stronger, more profound connection with your audience. TikTok’s data shows this feature can boost purchases by up to 150%!

Display Card

Display Cards are attention-grabbing clickable cards that appear in the lower-left corner of the ad at the optimal time, encouraging viewers to explore your brand or product.

Use case for brands: Display Cards can provide users (and potential customers!) with more information, introduce key features of your brand, share special offers, or any other relevant messages that you wish to highlight within a TikTok ad. The Display Card feature is well-suited for your next always-on campaign, allowing you to engage potential customers on an ongoing basis.

Gift Code Sticker

Gift codes and discounts are a proven tactic to help drive sales and conversion rates. TikTok is supporting brands with its Gift Code sticker add-on, a clickable pop-up tab that offers a redeemable incentive from the brand to the user.

Use case for brands: Gift Code stickers can fit into your brand’s TikTok strategy as a way to attract new customers, or to re-ignite and re-engage existing ones. 

Voting Sticker

A proven way to drive engagement and gain insight into your target audience is to use polls. Voting Stickers on TikTok ads have shown up to 2.9x higher click-through rates (CTR), and up to 3.5x higher comment rates.

How brands can benefit: Sparking conversations, gathering valuable data about your customer preferences, and gauging your product’s popularity / brand sentiment are all valuable ways to utilize Voting Stickers in your TikTok ads, which all contribute to driving conversions for brands. 

Countdown Sticker

Countdowns are great ways to market a product and generate revenue and engagement. They add a sense of fun and urgency and easily create buzz around special events such as our live shopping events. Live Shopping events are effective in helping creators interact with their audience in real time. With the rise of video and live content, Live Shopping is the perfect way to get immediate conversions in sales for your brand.

An effective countdown sticker can also increase impulse purchases amongst viewers—knowing they have limited time to take advantage of a new product or a special offer will make them more inclined to spend money.

Use these stickers to inform your audience about upcoming events, build anticipation, and watch your engagement go up!

Leveraging TikTok Ad Strategies To Boost Brand Love and Engagement

Sure, we love TikTok. But don’t take our word for it! Let’s look at the numbers: In February 2022, MagicLinks partnered with Free People’s FP Movement to grow their influencer strategy on TikTok. 

The results? Free People saw a 61% year-over-year increase in Creator linking activity in our network– a number that was more than double their competitive set. 

Free People saw a 61% yoy increase in creator Linking– 2x their competitive set.

Our partnership with TikTok as a Preferred Partner gives us access to Ad Features that we used to execute a paid media TikTok strategy with Free People that increased traffic by 69%, with 3.2M+ impressions, and 29k+ interactions. 

Free People was able to expand its reach on TikTok beyond influencers, establishing a more direct relationship with end-users who are ready to shop and purchase. 

Power Your Social Commerce on TikTok 

The next frontier in social commerce is here. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, your brand should stay on top of TikTok ad formats and other new features—and that’s where MagicLinks can help. 

While other influencer marketing platforms are just catching up to TikTok’s new features, MagicLinks has been leading the way charge since day one.

We are proud to be TikTok Preferred Partners,TikTok advertising partners, working each day to empower the best brands in the world to tell their stories on social media in an authentic way. 

To learn more about our influencer marketing platform, request a demo here.  

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