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A Quick Guide to Analyzing Influencer Audience Demographics

In the ever-expanding world of influencer marketing, understanding the impact these creators wield over their audiences is crucial for brands. Influencer marketing is no passing trend; it’s now a marketing budget mainstay. To elevate your brand effectively, carefully select influencers aligned with your vision. But how? The key lies in deciphering their audience demographics.

At MagicLinks, with extensive social media marketing experience, we guide you in analyzing influencer audience demographics. We’ll uncover ways to harness this information for your campaigns, and explore how influencers leverage their reach to amplify your brand.

Why are Influencer Audience Demographics Important?

Do you want to partner with an influencer? If so, try to gain as much information about their audience as possible. After all, you ultimately want their followers to purchase your products or services. At a minimum, you want people to engage with your brand and express interest in your company.

Understanding how a creator’s audience connects with them is also essential. Does the creator have a lot of positive engagement? Or does their audience seem somewhat apathetic? The more you know about their audience demographics, the better you can make the right marketing decisions for your brand.

You should also hone in on the audience’s characteristics, not just focus on general information. For instance, a luxury stylist and an expert thrifter are both fashion influencers, but their audiences will be much different (high-end versus value). If you were only to assess them based on being in the fashion space, you’d miss the opportunity to target your niche.

Which Audience Insights to Track

There are specific demographics to consider when deciding whether an influencer would be a good fit for your business. These audience insights include:

Basic Demographic Information

Start with the basics when conducting an audience analysis. Consider a creator’s following and their:

  • Age range
  • Location
  • Lifestyle
  • Income

These basic measures can tell you whether an influencer’s audience aligns with yours. 

It’s also important to determine whether certain platforms would be more valuable for your brand and its target demographic. If you’re looking to target Gen Z, influencer marketing on TikTok will be a safe bet; if your audience is older, you may want to consider Instagram or Facebook.

Engagement With Followers

A creator may have a lot of followers. However, that doesn’t always mean they have a genuine relationship with their audience. You should check their following and post comments to see if there are a lot of bots. You should also determine whether the influencer genuinely engages with their audience. Do they respond to comments? Do they seem to have an authentic connection with their followers?

Growth & Consistency

You’ll want to see consistent growth from a prospective creator, too. Don’t just evaluate recent content, but examine how they’ve evolved over time – and how that has impacted engagement with their audience. By doing this, you’ll be helping to avoid brand safety issues down the line. And you can feel more confident that creators you invest in will have long-term potential for the brand.


A creator’s audience should have values that align with your company. What posts do these followers engage with? And what content do they post themselves? Check what other accounts they follow or hashtags they use to gain insight into the things they’re interested in. For big-name creators, it’s worth Googling them to learn what media coverage they’ve received.

Extended Network

It’s always a good thing to check whether a creator is engaged with other creators, especially if they are in the same niche. This signals that a creator has become part of a community, rather than just publishing content. If an influencer has already collaborated with others, chances are higher that they’ll be a solid partner for your brand too.

Start With an Audience Analysis

There are two main ways to determine audience insights. You can check profiles:

Manual Checks

You can manually browse a creator’s followers and check their profiles to get an idea of who they are and what content they’re most interested in. This is a more general approach; obviously you wouldn’t look through hundreds of thousands of followers individually. Look for clues like their age range, gender, and location.

Influencer Marketing Platforms

Manually conducting an audience analysis is effective but time-consuming. To save valuable time, consider using a data-driven influencer marketing platform that can give you the info you need. These platforms often provide data beyond basic creator stats and audience demographics.

For instance, with MagicLinks Match Intelligence®, we can pinpoint which creators have been successful with your brand’s competitors or lookalike brands in the past, to recommend them for future campaigns. Match Intelligence® also assesses less clear-cut attributes, like values and areas of expertise, to provide Brand Affinity scores for each creator.

MagicLinks Match Intelligence example of creator affinity score
An example of the power of Match Intelligence® to understand brand affinity.

Improve Campaigns by Analyzing Influencer Audience Demographics

By analyzing a creator’s audience and their basic demographics, engagement rates, values, and popularity, you can determine whether they are aligned with your brand values and message. 

This data can help you optimize your campaign strategy and get you one step closer to reaching your marketing goals. You can also use this information to adapt your content strategy, creating strong campaigns that appeal to your audience’s interests.

Working with a company like MagicLinks can make influencer marketing easier and more cost-effective for your business. Reach out to us to learn more about Match Intelligence®, we’d love to help you find your best-fit video creators!

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