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Finding Fashion Influencers: Intel from Runways to Reels

Fashion’s transformation over the past decade is nothing short of a revolution. In our era, everything unfolds within the captivating realms of social media, where the rules have been rewritten, and experience isn’t measured in years but in innovation and impact. Enter the Gen Z trailblazers, who’ve seized the reins across industries, fashion included.

But wait, there’s more. This electrifying shift has birthed a phenomenon, a game-changer: social commerce. At its heart, you’ll find fashion influencers, the authentic voices paid to craft captivating content and champion fashion brands in the digital spotlight. It’s where your next wardrobe treasure is just a scroll away.

As a nod to New York Fashion Week, which kicked off last week, we’ll dive into how social media is now the runway of choice. Buckle up, because we’re about to unveil the latest trends ignited by content creators in the fashion universe. Plus, we’ll spill the secrets on identifying and collaborating with the creme de la creme of fashion video influencers, ensuring your brand soars amidst the meteoric rise of social commerce.

How Social Media Became the New Retail Outlet

Over 70% of our beloved Gen Z cohort turns to social media as their trusted oracle for product insights and brand exploration. In this dynamic landscape, fashion trends sprout like wildfire, nurtured by the perpetual endorsement of fashion influencers. This isn’t just a phase; it’s a fashion revolution in the making, where social media shapes an entire generation’s style choices.

And guess what? Social media platforms have been savvy to this cultural shift, rolling out a dazzling array of new features to amplify the fashion frenzy. From shoppable posts to immersive augmented reality experiences and live shopping extravaganzas, they’ve transformed into veritable fashion hubs. Here, shoppers can stumble upon that perfect outfit, virtually try it on, and seal the deal – all without ever leaving the embrace of their favorite social media platform.

Reimaging the Fashion Industry

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, Gen Z’s influence reigns supreme, reshaping the industry’s very core. Brands and fashion aficionados must pay heed to the seismic shifts they’re instigating. If your goal is to amplify brand recognition and fuel sales, you’ll need to decode their desires and cater to their fashion cravings.

Here’s a glimpse into how Gen Z is orchestrating a revolution in fashion culture, one post at a time.

Fashion Takes Center Stage

For Gen Z, fashion isn’t just a preference – it’s an obsession. In fact, it now commands a staggering 28% of the average female Gen Z budget, outshining even culinary delights. This newfound sartorial fervor should be a clarion call for fashion brands to dive headfirst into influencer-driven social media campaigns.

Social Commerce Is King

Gen Z’s insatiable appetite for visual platforms like Instagram and TikTok is undeniable. It’s no coincidence that these platforms are spearheading the charge towards integrated social commerce. Don’t underestimate the allure of fashion commerce within these virtual realms. Instead, harness the power of these platforms’ evolving shopping features to craft the ultimate brand experience.

Preferences in the New Generation

When it comes to clothing, Gen Z cares about four things: quality materials, affordable prices, accommodating customer service, and authentic branding. Social media plays a pivotal role in conveying authentic brand messaging, product quality, pricing, and service. 

This is your cue to collaborate with influencers who share a genuine affinity for your brand and its values.

Consider working with micro-influencers who have high engagement rates within their niche audiences. Remember, 67% of social media users consider a brand or product endorsed by their favorite influencer. Building trust in your chosen influencer is paramount to your campaign’s success.


Gen Z is on a mission to save the planet and its inhabitants, all while maintaining their deep-seated love for fashion. Their challenge lies in navigating the sometimes vague realm of sustainability. It’s no longer sufficient to merely label a clothing line as sustainable – educate consumers on how your brand is eco-friendly or sustainable. And be specific!

If your brand champions eco-friendly packaging, sustainable products, and ethical labor practices, flaunt these virtues in your influencer content. Gen Z seeks transparency and craves the nitty-gritty details of how your brand contributes to a sustainable future.

While industry-wide trends are undoubtedly worth paying attention to, it may also help to know where Gen Z is headed in terms of their style preferences.

Embracing Blokette

Many fashion influencers and enthusiasts are boldly exploring androgynous and gender-fluid styles. Enter the Blokette trend, where traditionally feminine pieces like denim miniskirts harmonize with a touch of masculinity – think tracksuit jackets or sports jerseys. It’s a fusion of the best of both worlds.

The Reign of Relaxed Fit

Many fashion creators are reporting that tight clothing is out. Gen Z now prefers looser clothing items. Athleisure, loungewear, and wide-leg jeans are all the rage, while skinny jeans are a thing of the past…much to the dismay of many millennials.

Thrifting and Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

For Gen Z, thrifting isn’t just about sustainability; it’s an artistic fashion voyage. Scouring secondhand treasures opens the door to an array of unique and customizable clothing options. Forget off-the-rack monotony – they relish the freedom to cut, glue, and sew, sculpting fabrics into personalized masterpieces without breaking the bank.

The Art of Deconstruction

Derived from the DIY movement, the deconstructed aesthetic is all the rage among Instagram’s fashion connoisseurs. It involves embracing distressed or altered garments, granting wearers the power to tinker with fasteners and stitching, shaping the perfect silhouette. Flexible cotton and soft knits are the canvas for this creative rebellion.

The Biggest Trend of Them All: GRWM Videos Take Social Media by Storm

If you have a phone, you’ve probably watched a GRWM video. 

GRWM (short for “get ready with me”) videos feature people (some influencers, others not) preparing for some activity—whether it’s going out to a party or getting ready for work or even for bed—and entertaining their audience in the process. But is this phenomenon exclusively a fashion statement? Let’s dive into both sides of the conversation and unearth the truth.

Tea Renee – GRWM on YouTube

GRWM: Fashion at Its Finest

GRWM videos hold the power to level up your fashion influencer campaign. When executed with finesse, they radiate authenticity and relatability, drawing viewers deep into the world of your influencer partner. Picture this: your influencer preparing for an event, adorned in pieces from your collection. It’s an advertisement, but it feels real, and that’s the magic.

Many people are drawn in by these videos and watch til the end, to see the grand reveal. Why? Everyone loves a fun shopping montage in the movies, and GRWM videos are a real-life version of these sequences. Imagine if, in Pretty Woman or The Devil Wears Prada, the protagonists could’ve shared their thoughts in real-time as they tried on each stunning new outfit. Audiences become invested in the process (what will they decide to where?!) and want to know how to best style these looks. And, most importantly for your brands, where can they snag these fabulous pieces?

With engagement levels soaring high, integrating GRWM videos into your influencer marketing campaigns is a no-brainer for any fashion brand aiming to captivate hearts and minds.

The GRWM Trend is Not Just About Fashion

GRWM isn’t only associated with fashion. While the clothing may make a cameo appearance, it’s often integrated into longer videos that feature a plethora of products, from skin and hair care to lifestyle items, furniture, and even household organization solutions. Fashion doesn’t always take center stage, which may deter some from considering GRWM a fashion-first phenomenon. 

As a fashion brand, you’ll have to decide whether you’re okay featuring your clothing in videos with other brands and products, and communicate these guidelines to creators before they shoot their videos.

How to Find and Work with Fashion Influencers 2023

If you’re ready to seize the golden opportunity of social commerce, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and embark on the influencer quest that perfectly aligns with your brand’s style and budget.

🔍 The Influencer Treasure Hunt:

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect partnership, the following tips can help you in your search:

  • The Fashion Explorer’s Manual: Dive into any social media platform, armed with fashion industry keywords and hashtags. Unearth hidden gems that resonate with your brand’s essence.
  • Competitive Reconnaissance: Shadow your brand’s rivals on social media. Who are the influencers they’re entrusting with their style secrets? Could these fashion mavens also be a match for your brand?
  • Follow the Stars: Navigate to the Instagram profiles of your favorite fashion influencers. Delve beneath their bios, and you’ll stumble upon Instagram’s treasure trove of similar accounts. Your influencer soulmate might be just a scroll away.
  • Lean on the Experts: Influencer marketing platforms, like MagicLinks, are explicitly designed for this purpose. Influencers who are part of these networks are often vetted for their content quality and ability to generate results.

Finding the best fashion influencers for your needs can be challenging, but putting in the work now will get you one step closer to the results you want to see. 

What to Keep in Mind When Working with Fashion Influencers

Once you find your ideal creator, keep these pearls of influencer wisdom close to your heart. Crafting a seamless brand deal and steering toward campaign launch demands finesse:

  • Don’t go into the agreement without clearly defined goals and objectives and a plan for how to measure progress
  • Provide some creative freedom for your fashion influencers, so that they can infuse their unique style and charm into their videos. Authenticity is the magic potion that resonates with audiences.
  • Strategize according to your budget. New brands seeking to widen their reach can take the first step with smaller fashion blogger profiles. It’s an investment in growth. 
  • Embrace diversity that aligns with your brand’s vision. Consider collaborating with Instagram fashion influencers over 50 or trailblazing Black fashion influencers. It’s not just about fashion; it’s about celebrating voices that matter.

Remember, fashion influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are more than just fashionistas – they’re your brand’s growth catalysts. Make sure you approach each fashion influencer campaign with careful thought about how to make that happen.

The Social Media Fashion Phenomenon Is Here to Stay

Social commerce isn’t going anywhere. In fact, experts expect it to be a $2 trillion industry by 2025. Knowing this, clothing brands must embrace the change and adapt to emerging trends.

When you partner with the right creators to give Gen Z the quality, sustainability, silhouettes, and user experience they want, you’ll enjoy long-term relevance in this increasingly competitive and ever-changing industry.

Ready to turn your brand into a fashion sensation? Let’s make waves together – reach out to MagicLinks to learn more about leveraging our 35K+ creator network for your next campaign.

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