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Clubhouse App Payments Are Live!

Clubhouse Launches In-App Clubhouse Payments – and 100% Goes To the Creator!

If you’ve been wondering how influencers will be able to make money on the Clubhouse app, wonder no more. Clubhouse Payments are now active app-wide!

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In-app creator tipping options are hardly new – TikTok Icons & Coins, for example, can be donated to influencers. Instagram Live Badges let fans send hearts, and YouTube’s SuperChat gets fans’ livestreams comments bumped to the top of the feed for a small fee. The kicker? A chunk of the donation on these platforms goes to the platform itself, just like with ad revenue. Clubhouse, however, is different.

How Do Clubhouse App Payments Work?

Here’s the intriguing part about Clubhouse payments: The creator receives 100% of the donation.

As of April 5th, all users can send payments in the Clubhouse app. But, the ability to receive Clubhouse Payments will be enabled in waves.

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Here’s how to send money to a Clubhouse influencer:

  1. Click on a creator’s profile: If they have Clubhouse Payments enabled, you’ll see a “Send Money” button on the bottom of their profile screen.
  2. Tap “Send Money” and enter the amount you’d like to send. The first time you send money, you’ll add your credit or debit card info to the app via their processing partner, Stripe.

The entire donation goes to the creator, but the donator will be charged a small processing fee by Stripe. This is the first of many planned Clubhouse app influencer monetization methods – we’re excited to see what’s next!

Do I Ask Fans To Send Me Money?

Short answer: Yes! A simple CTA (Call To Action) in your bio asking for donations if a listener likes your work is perfectly acceptable. Whenever you go live on the Clubhouse App, you can also add a donation CTA to the room description, and verbally state it at the beginning & end of your broadcast.

adding a donation Call To Action to your Clubhouse bio, if you have Clubhouse Payments enabled, will encourage fans to donate without being pushy.

Key Takeaways

Diversifying your creator revenue stream is NEVER a bad idea. Relying on just one income source means if that source dries up, so do your earnings. Use a combination of donations, subscriptions, MagicLinks affiliate links, ad revenue, merch, and brand campaigns to create a steady salary.

Clubhouse Payments might not be the first social media tipping option, but we think it’s one of the better ones. Check your Clubhouse bio now to see if you’ve got payments enabled!

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Cover images courtesy of MagicLinks influencers toasttostyle_, @cocoscurvycloset, and @flywithjohnnythai.

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