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Instagram Live Badges: Tipping Is Coming!

Well, well, well, Instagram, look at you, copying YouTube’s livestream SuperChat donations! (TBH, though, is any tech feature nowadays ever NOT copied?)

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As with Reels, Instagram is rolling out Live Badges slowly, first with a test cohort of 50,000 creators. There’s no network-wide release date yet, but you’d better believe every Instagrammer will jump on it! Especially with in-person events like meet ‘n greets or VidCon now nonexistent, thanks to Covid, this could prove to be a steady additional revenue stream for creators.

How Much Are Instagram Live Badges?

Badges are priced at:

  • $0.99 for one heart 💗
  • $1.99 for two hearts 💗💗
  • $4.99 for three hearts 💗💗💗

How Do My Fans Purchase & Use Instagram Live Badges?

Tap a creator’s profile photo during the livestream. If they have badges enabled, a badge button will be displayed underneath the comments. Then, tap Buy A Badge To Support @[creator name], select your badge, and follow payment prompts in the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) Add a comment to go with your badge, and tap Send.

Once badges are purchased by a fan, a badge with a special heart emoji 💗 will appear next to all of their comments in your livestream, and they’ll be featured on a Supporter List that the creator can see during the livestream.

Hopefully, Badges will soon be in wide release. When they are, encourage your fans to buy & use them in your Livestreams. Pro Tip: If you set a regular day + time to livestream, your fans will be more likely to tune & tip, so they don’t miss out.

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Cover image adapted from @charleeatkins/Instagram business blog

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