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TikTok’s Creator Fund Isn’t…. Funding Much. Here’s 6 Alternative Revenue Streams for Creators

Cover courtesy of MagicLinks influencers Jessica Braun, Andrea Renee, and Nathalie Muñoz

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TikTokers everywhere were psyched when TikTok announced their $200 million Creator Fund in July 2020. The fund promised to reward hard-working creators by paying for video views, among other things, but the actual $$ showing up in bank accounts is pretty paltry. Compared to YouTube’s average of $4-5 per 1,000 views (for ad vies embedded in videos), TikTokers are earning an average of $0.02-$0.04. Don’t go quitting your day jobs, folks.

We’re here to help! Read on for 6 ways to diversify your channels’ revenue streams, across all social platforms.

1. MagicLinks Affiliate Links + ObsessedWith.It

How could we NOT start here? You, like most creators, already recommend products to their fans in their videos, so it makes sense to get a cut of the sales you’re influencing.

MagicLinks affiliate links reward the sale driver (you) with a commission based on the final value of the entire purchase, not just the linked-to item. With an average gross commission rate of 10-20%, MagicLinks can earn top creators six figures a year, just by adding MagicLinks to videos & posts where they’re recommending or reviewing products.

Pro Tip: Our exclusive link curation tool, ObsessedWith.It, allows you to have all of your MagicLinks associated with a particular video or post in one mobile-friendly, shoppable page. Oh, and, BTW, creators using ObsessedWith.It earn 3x MORE on every post. We’ve got the receipts to prove it.

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2. MagicLinks Text2Shop™

What could be easier for your fans than getting a text message with a link to everything in a video? Reducing the number of clicks & steps a fan has to take to purchase helps get you more sales, and MagicLinks Text2Shop™ does just that. Click here to learn more!

3. Brand Campaigns

Ah, yes, sponsorships. Everyone wants ‘em, few get ‘em – or so it seems. We’ve covered How To Get Brand Sponsorships in detail, but here’s the TL;DR:

  • Make sure your content & audience demographics align with the brand’s
  • Link to & create organic content (non-sponsored) about brands you want to work with a TON
  • Know your channel metrics: Engagement rate, conversion rate, watch times, etc
  • Be FTC compliant, even when content is not sponsored or gifted
  • Don’t buy your followers – grow your channel steadily
  • Have a low saturation rate (the ratio of sponsored & organic content on your channels)

Andrea Renee: Sephora x Magiclinks

Nathalie Muñoz” Express x MagicLinks

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4. Merch

Starting your own company to sell merch requires a lot of upfront capital ($$$), so turn to third-party companies like Zazzle, Spreadshirt, or Bonfire to design shirts, phone cases, and more. But, even with the third party taking a large cut of profits, merch can be a steady revenue stream for many creators with varying following sizes.

5. Subscription Services

We’re not just talking Patreon or Ko-Fi: YouTube offers creator subscriptions, and some creators have turned those into a serious side hustle, like MagicLinks influencer Jen Luv’s Reviews’ Collective Makeup Brain Elite. Prices for subscriptions start at just $1.99 a month, and it’s a great way to engage with followers.

6. Livestreaming Donations

Love to livestream? You’re no stranger to YouTube’s SuperChat function, where subscribers can pay to have their comments stay at the top of a feed or stand out with special icons. Give it a go on your next livestream!

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