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A Content Creator’s Guide for Sephora’s Spring Savings Event: How To Share Like A Pro & Link To Earn More

Hey creators! With the Sephora Spring Savings Event just around the corner, we know you’re excited to share with your fans and maximize your earnings. This exciting event runs April 1st to April 11th and creates a huge opportunity for creators like you to share with your fans and earn as they shop your recommendations. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to get in on the action with creator inspiration, tips and tricks for video creators, and by video creators. 

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First Up: Top Ways to Share with Your Fans 

Prep Your Content
Start getting ready now! Start planning out videos, pictures, and content. The best way to do this is to create and use the MagicLinks’ ObsessedWith.It and In-Bio™ tools, where all of your top picks can be easily housed and accessed across platforms. 

Jenna Hong, a lifestyle influencer, is a perfect example of a MagicLinks creator who uses our In-Bio tool to reach her fans. Check out her In-Bio™ page here, where you can see how she seamlessly houses all her custom links and products for her fans to shop.  

Jenna Hong’s In-Bio

In-Bio™ is MagicLinks’ new shoppable mini-site that grants you the power to customize, curate and share your socials, product links, and more in a format that makes it easy for your fans to browse. Learn more about In-Bio™ here! 

Remember to share your product picks early, and share often. You’ll want to be sure to post about the sale as soon as possible, so that your audience has time to plan their purchases. We also recommend posting throughout the sale, to remind your audience that they still have time to shop.

Consider batching your content creation. Create your ideas, plan out the scripts and details, and have everything ready to go so you can film multiple videos in one filming session vs. spreading them out and having to set up all over again for each video.

Create a Wishlist Video
You probably already have some products in mind that you want to try out—why not share those with your fans? Let them know what’s on your wishlist, and maybe they can help you narrow it down! Check out Mandy Davis and Abby Bliss White’s videos from last sale for inspiration:

Create a “What’s in my Fantasy Cart” Video
This popular trend on Youtube is simple. You can show your viewers the items you would add to your ultimate dream cart. In this case, you’d walk your audience through your top Sephoraa products and why they’re on your wishlist. Check these out from Kackie Reviews Beauty and Tara Lynn for inspo!

Create a Tutorial/GRWM Video
This is a classic way to share the products you love, in a way that resonates with fans ready to purchase! Be sure to show off your personality, be genuine, and have fun! Creators PAINTEDBYSPENCER and Dacey Cash did a great job of this in their videos.

Share a Favorites Video
Your fans are your fans for a reason. Tap into your source of influence by simply sharing what you love and why you love it. Be sure to highlight the extra savings that your fans can get during the sale! Creator Kirah Ominiqué does a fabulous job of sharing her favorites!

Next: Top Product Predictions (& What’s Performed in the Past)

At MagicLinks, we have a crystal ball that allows us to predict which products will likely be the most popular in the coming year. Actually, we don’t really have a crystal ball —  but we DO have a wealth of millions worth of clicks and hundreds of millions in traffic data across our expansive network of premium content creators to make educated guesses about which products are likely to be trending in the months ahead (aka – which products you should have on your radar to share about). 

Our top product predictions are as follows: 

Top products that drove from last year:
Curious what drove buzz (and $$) last year? These products by category were the biggest winners last time around for the Sephora Spring Savings and are poised to see continued success this year: 

We can’t wait to see what you share and earn this Spring Savings Event! Whether you’ve been doing this for a few weeks or a few years, there’s always something new to learn, and new ways to get inspired in creating shoppable content and resonating with your audience.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more tips and tricks from the MagicLinks team in your Creator Portal, your email inbox, and on social. We’re here for you every step of the way. Good luck and happy linking, everyone!

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