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Instagram Debuts New Reels Remix Feature

Why, Yes, Reels Remix *IS* Like TikTok Duets, and No, You *DO* Need To Create Some

ICYMI, Instagram’s not happy that TikTok dominates short-form video. Yes, Instagram has Reels, their own short-form video feature, but it’s never been as popular as TikTok. Some say the August 2020 Reels launch was rushed. Others feel Reels aren’t as intuitive to use as TikTok, or that it doesn’t have enough of the same features. That, hopefully, is about to change, with Instagram Reels Remix.

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From de-ranking reposted TikTok videos to blatantly rewarding creators who upload a LOT of Reels, Instagram is fighting dirty against TikTok. Reels Remix is totally not a copy of the TikTok Duets feature. Nope, totally not. We never said that.

How To Use Instagram Reels Remix

  1. Navigate to the Reel you want to Remix
  2. Tap the 3 dot icon in the upper right hand corner
  3. Select “Remix This Reel” from the popup menu that appears
  4. When the Remix editor pops up, you can film your side of the Remix (or upload an existing video from your camera roll)
  5. Add effects, stickers, text, and more in the Remix editor
  6. Tap the Microphone icon to use the Voiceover function
  7. Use the Slider icon to edit volume controls
  8. Click “Upload” to share your masterpiece with the world!

Can I Remix Older Reels?

Currently, only Reels published from the launch date (March 31, 2021) onwards will have the Remix function auto-enabled. If you want to Remix one of your own older Reels, tap the 3 dot icon in the reel and select “Enable Remixing.”

Got someone else’s old Reel you want to Remix? Ask them to do so! FYI – you can’t force-enable Remix on other users’ older Reels.

Why Should I Bother Using Instagram Reels Remix? It’s Just TikTok Duets!

Yes, yes it is. BUT (and you knew there was a “but” coming), like we mentioned above, Instagram’s algorithm is majorly favoring creators who post lots of Reels. Using Instagram Reels Remix early and often will trigger the algorithm in your (and the other Reel’s creators’) favor. Why? The Instagram algorithm now officially recognizes creator-to-creator collaborations.

Creators who get in on a new platform feature first benefit the most, since the novelty factor is highest. Check your content niche for popular influencers’ Reels, and Remix them: You’ll tag them, and their audience may see it & tap on your account to follow!

What Do Remixed Reels Look Like?

Check these fun examples out – and start creating!

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*Cover image features courtesy of MagicLinks creators Atiya Mahoney> & Lupita Rios.

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