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YouTube News You – and Your Fans! – Can Use: Upgraded Chapters, New Mobile Player Page Functions

Everyone loves an upgrade, and last week, YouTube gave us some REALLY fun new feature upgrades: New mobile player page functions, and more in-depth chapter options! D’aww, thanks, YouTube, this is one holiday present we WON’T be regifting!

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Mobile Player Page Updates

The YouTube app just became easier to use. The captions button is now more accessible and prominent on mobile phones, as has the auto-play toggle feature. These features will be rolled out to the desktop YouTube site soon, but for now, it’s mobile only.

YouTube has also rearranged many of the buttons and controls in mobile, to ensure easier usage and more a more responsive interface. In addition to fast-forwarding/rewinding 10 seconds when you tap right or left on a video, now you can swipe up to enter full screen mode, or down to exit fullscreen.

GIF courtesy of YouTube

Viewers will also receive “suggested action” prompts when there might be a better way to view a video. This could include rotating your phone for a landscape-filmed video, or play a video in VR as that technology becomes more widely available.

GIF courtesy of YouTube

Chapters Updates

Creators everywhere were thrilled when YouTube launched video chapters in May 2020, making it easier for viewers and creators to engage with longer videos. Chapters enable viewers to skip ahead or back to key points of a video they want to watch (or rewatch).

As of last week, YouTube has expanded chapters to include a brand new “list view”, so a viewer can see the full list of chapters in the video. Each chapter will have its own thumbnail, too. Just tap the Chapter title on the video, then jump to the chapter you want to watch by tapping that video chapter in the list.

GIF courtesy of YouTube

How can creators use chapters better, now? With the new chapter thumbnail and list view options, influencers can create more visually appealing, narrative-based content that will keep fans intrigued & watching more of their videos. More views = more clicks = more money earned. Cha-ching!

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*cover images courtesy of MagicLinks creators Jamie Page and Weylie Hoang

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