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TikTok Content Strategy: Learn & Earn With the New TikTok Creator Portal

Finding TikTok content strategy confusing? Unsure what the best days & times to upload to TikTok are? Furthermore, how do influencers earn money on TikTok? Curious about TikTok’s filters and editing features? You’re not alone. The TikTok algorithm is more guarded than a secretly-pregnant celebrity – until now.

Introducing… the new TikTok Creator Portal!

Get Paid On TikTok With MagicLinks:

Will the TikTok Creator Portal Help Me Get Paid On TikTok?

Joining other recent TikTok strategy initiatives like the TikTok for Black Creatives network, the TikTok Creator Portal is an all-in-one TikTok source for creators at every level.

Of course, they aren’t giving away ALL TikTok algorithm & monetization secrets. The Creator Portal helps, though, if you’re:

The new TikTok Creator Portal has tips on TikTok content strategy, how to make money on TikTok, get more TikTok followers, and more!

Well, I’ve Got My TikTok Strategy Down. What’s Next?

Once your TikTok content strategy plan’s in place, it’s time to earn money on TikTok. Because we know the TikTok Creator Marketplace pay for sponsorships is lower than average, we recommend deploying multiple income sources on TikTok. With this in mind, let’s re-cover TikTok payment basics:

  1. First, join MagicLinks and start earning money on your TikTok videos. Create a minimum of 10 MagicLinks affiliate links & an ObsessedWith.It page for every TikTok you upload.
  2. As you convert sales, you will be eligible for TikTok brand campaigns. Recent MagicLinks brand campaigns included Walmart, Pat McGrath Labs, Sephora, and more!
  3. Livestream regularly, as fans can tip you with TikTok coins during livestreams. From there, you’ll turn coins into up to $1,000 a day in cash payouts!

    Earn Money On TikTok:


    Cover images courtesy of MagicLinks TikTok Creators @mikaylanogueira, and @ellen.vlora

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