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The Importance of Moderators and Blocking for YouTubers

As your channels grow, so will the number of comments & emails you get. Eventually, it becomes impossible to respond to all comments on your own, or even to just moderate contentious comments. What to do? Read on for Moderators & Blocking 101!

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Consider Hiring Moderators

A moderator’s job is just that: To moderate comments for you. Many popular YouTubers have subscribers who volunteer to do it for free, but you may want to consider hiring the job out to keep things totally neutral. Why? A moderator who’s also your follower may be overly biased towards you, and more likely to block people for perceived infractions or comments you yourself wouldn’t have blocked.

If you do use a moderator, add them to your channel here and make sure you discuss your rules beforehand. What’s ok? Are you going to allow profanity?

Set Realistic Expectations For Followers & Moderators

You always want to create an open, welcoming environment that encourages people to subscribe and comment regularly. Buuuuuut… There’s always going to be negative commenters, and trolls. We’ve talked about not feeding the trolls and addressing drama on your channels in depth, before, but TL;DR: You are entitled to set rules for comments. Profanity, racist, sexist, etc comments are not allowed, and repeat offenders will be blocked.

If you do want to block someone, do so here, but keep in mind that trolls can always create a new account. So…. Like a bad penny, they may keep turning up.

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