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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022: Content Creator Playbook


magiclinks creator guide for nordstrom sale

Hi Creators!

The Nordstrom Sale is almost here! Save big on brand-new arrivals – plus all the essentials. You can preview the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale items starting on June 29th.

Why is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale such an exciting event? 

Although Nordstrom offers discounts throughout the year, the Anniversary Sale only happens once a year. If you miss it, you’ll have to wait until 2023 to see similar discounts again.

And unlike other sales that have discounts on last season’s styles, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale includes brand-new, in-season items, plus all the essential classics. The best part? Even designer items are discounted.

And guess what: MagicLinks creators earn 2x more during the anniversary sale period than on Black Friday!

chart showing magiclinks creators earn 2x more than black friday

So let’s dig into strategy: here’s your playbook for creating and sharing content and earning while your fans shop during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022.



  • Promote how the sale works. Educate your audience about the sale (these are new items that are on sale, it sells out quickly and you must be a cardholder for early access to the sale)
  • Create curated shopping wish lists and link your ObsessedWith.It or Link In-Bio Page on your social profiles and videos so your audience can shop your recommendations easily and you can earn commissions.
  • Plan your lists and content for key dates in the sale so you are ready to post when the time comes.
  • In addition to linking to specific products, link to categories as well to guard against stock changes.


June 29th – PREVIEW

Products are available to preview and link, but not yet available for purchase (yet!).


  • PREVIEW: Create content ahead of the sale to create awareness and excitement. Start making links and sharing across platforms so your followers can add items to their wishlists!
  • Create an ObsessedWith.It or In-Bio Shop Page with your picks from the #NSALE. Add to your profile on TikTok, IG and use in YouTube videos (free for MagicLinks Creators).

obsessedWith.It tool youtube autosync

PRO TIP: If you turn on Autosync with YouTube in your MagicLinks Account, all MagicLinks you add to your YouTube videos will be automatically added to your ObsessedWith.It as shoppable pages!

  • Add Nordstrom MagicLinks to your current content – as your fans shop you’ll earn leading up to the sale.
  • Share a video of your fave picks from the sale. Encourage your audience to click your link in your social bio to shop from your OWI or In.Bio page. Let your audience know they can save these items to their wishlist and shop when they have access.

obsessedwith it board by ashbegash

July 6th – 9th: EARLY ACCESS
  • Remind your audience of cardholders that early access is open. Keep sending them to your link in-bio or ObsessedWith.It.
  • Check often for restocks and exclusive sale items to share with your audience.
  • Build anticipation with your audience on each day a new sales access level opens up – our data shows that creators earn most on July 6th, July 7th, July 9th, and July 15th. 

Nordstrom anniversary sale dates 2022

July 6th: Icon Nordy Club Status can start shopping
July 7th: Ambassador Nordy Club Status can start shopping
July 8th: Influencer Nordy Club Status can start shopping

(This does not mean digital influencers, this is the name of a cardholder status.)

July 15th – 31st: PUBLIC ACCESS TO SALE
  • Share a new video announcing the sale is open to the public! Go over your fave picks again and remind them to click the link in your bio to shop
  • Continue to share your round-ups by each category
  • Keep sharing new links with your audience. Product sells out fast, so remind them daily what’s still in stock!
  • Share to IG Stories often, use a link sticker with a MagicLinks URL, and save your #NSale stories to a highlight for easy access

in bio free linking tool

Video Inspo Thought Starters

  • Shop With Me Video
  • Nordstrom Haul Video
  • Before + After Decor Transformations
  • Beauty Daily Deals (Nordstrom will highlight a daily beauty deal, be ready to create and post short-form content)
  • Back to Work Edits
  • Stock up & Save
  • Summer Glow Edit – Shimmer, highlighters, sunscreens, and bronzers
  • Top scents and candles roundup

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  • Always follow FTC regulations
  • Create original content across social channels
  • Be respectful to store associates
  • Use hashtags #Nordstrom #Nsale and #MagicLinks in content
  • Link with MagicLinks browser extensions to make it faster
  • Autosync your MagicLinks account with YouTube to automate OWI page creation


  • Don’t associate any giveaways or contests with Nordstrom content.


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