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Instagram Launches New Professional Dashboard to Support Creators

On the heels of last week’s TikTok Creator Portal announcement, Instagram has launched their own Professional Dashboard. This is a key part of Instagram’s ongoing pledge to help creators get paid on Instagram & grow their channels. In short, the Instagram Professional Dashboard merges performance tracking, business growth tools, and creator education & inspiration into a central location. Sounds great, right?

How Does the Instagram Professional Dashboard Help Influencers?

The Dashboard is a central destination for creators to track their performance, access branding and earnings tools, and learn how to grow their business on Instagram. Keep reading for more info on the benefits of the IG Professional Dashboard – and how you can pair it with MagicLinks’ brand campgaigns and ObsessedWith.It to earn tons of money!

Make Money On Instagram With MagicLinks:

Track Your Instagram Performance

Already have an Instagram Business account? Then you’ve seen Instagram’s in-app analytics before. If not, then you should convert your Instagram handle from a standard to business account. You can’t access the new Professional Dashboard otherwise, so upgrade ASAP!

For example, you can look at account metrics like accounts reached, daily/weekly/monthly traffic, and more, to determine:

  • When your Instagram followers are online: Posting during peak times = More views, comments, and likes!
  • Which posts performed best: Does your audience like Instagram Reels? IGTV? Knowing what your fans like, and then posting more like it, is crucial. Why? It boosts your content in fans’ feeds. This, in turn, prompts IG to show your content to potential new fans.
  • How well your MagicLinks brand sponsorship content performs, so you can get more campaigns in the future!


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Instagram Monetization Opportunities

Creators who make shoppable ObsessedWith.It pages for every video & post earn 3X more commissions, even with a small Instagram following! Then, as your subscriber count grows, the Instagram Professional Dashboard will allow you to check your monetization (ad revenue) status. From there, it’s a short hop to IGTV ad $$!

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*Cover images courtesy of MagicLinks Instagram influencers Sarah Rae Vargas and Shaneice Crystal of Natural Neiicey

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