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Influencer Live Shopping: Join MagicLinks, Forever21, and AfterPay

MagicLinks is proud to announce that we’re joining the fast-growing world of live shopping – influencer style! Whether livestreamed on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok, live shopping with influencers drives fan engagement and sales through the roof.

grow your channels, earn 3x the $$, get brand sponsorhips: apply to MagicLInks now!

Join Nazjaa Hughson, Delaney Childs, Carolina Freixa, Kirah Ominique, Daiquan Robinson, Dana Alexia, and Summer Warren to get your shop on! Keep scrolling for the full list of dates, times, and platforms.

Interested in exploring influencer live shopping with your fans? Apply to MagicLinks now.



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Check out @nazjaa‘s livestream shopping debut on Instagram Live!

Nazjaa Hughson Delaney Childs Carolina Freixa Kirah Ominique Daiquan Robinson Dana Alexia Summer Warren

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