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Limitless: My Word for 2019

An Open Letter to the MagicLinks Community:

In 2016, a friend introduced me to a new way of thinking about New Year’s resolutions: Choose a single word as a lens for my choices throughout the year.

Choosing a single word brings focus to intention and action. It provides space to have days where I don’t fully live into the word, and can choose to show up differently the next day, continuously improving along the full expression of the word. It also leaves open the possibility for wonder, surprise, and quantum leaps.

I found this approach much more powerful than my prior method of choosing a set of lofty goals, which I would inevitably fail at: eat healthy and don’t drink alcohol for January (never achieved this), work out 4+ days a week, etc.

My words for the past 3 years have been:

2016: Bold
2017: Bolder
2018: Magic

My word for 2019 is:

I am curious to explore the areas of my life, internal and external, conscious and subconscious, that have up to now had limits. The external conversations are often easiest to see in the conscious, external environment; things start to get really juicy as I uncover the internal, subconscious limits that are at play in both my daily practices and in the broader rhythms of my life.

In 2018, MAGIC began to show up quite literally in January with our Magic neon project, a collaboration with three Los Angeles artists which we shared as a gift with some of our most meaningful partners.

As 2018 unfolded, MAGIC began to appear everywhere: in the rapid evolution of our business model resulting in exponential growth and record earnings of more than $3M for influencers, in the growth of our brand partnerships including direct CEO relationships with several innovative, $3B+ valued retailers, and in the arrival of key team members at exactly the right time.

Like you, every day we think about how to exponentially grow our business. A key component is to consider who we can hire who is world class at what they do and will help propel MagicLinks to the next level.

Lisa Goldstone joined our team in early 2018, a unicorn hire who brings a wealth of experience to the leadership of our influencer community, including leadership roles at Creative Artists Agency, Gap, Tastemade, and MyCupCakeAddiction, the largest baking channel on YouTube.

For our influencers looking to aggressively grow your business in 2019: In what areas of your business can you find someone more talented, connected, and experienced than you to help take you to the next level? This could be videography, brand negotiation, storyboarding, or even software to make your life easier. I used to think of this line of exploration as a weakness, and now I see it as the ultimate strength.

In a more esoteric realm, my exploration of crystal energy led me to Reiki in 2018. I was trained as an engineer at Dartmouth, and prior to harnessing the embodiment of “Magic” as my word, I skeptically considered Reiki a pseudoscience. Embracing “Magic” helped me drop preconceived biases and explore what I actually felt – which soon led to my leadership of Reiki and crystal energy work for men, women, couples, and groups.

As influencers, you are some of the most creative, expressive, entrepreneurial people the world has ever seen. You innovate daily in a rapidly evolving landscape. A core question comes to mind that you may consider exploring on a deeper level: How might I use my influence to make the world a better place? How can I take the trust I’ve built with my fans, and not only earn from my influence, but also partner with and give to the causes that mean the most to me?

At MagicLinks, fundamentally, we are about creating connections. We started in e-commerce, but our goals are actually much bigger than that:

Making the world a better place by connecting inspiration to action through technology and relationships.

In 2019, a LIMITLESS way of thinking and being will have a huge impact on MagicLinks and the technology that we build, the partnerships and relationships we nurture, and the impact we co-create.

We are challenging what’s possible for video influencers , forging exclusives with leading brands of today and tomorrow to bring you the best campaign opportunities . We are looking at what LIMITLESS influence means: can we empower our community to change the world, first through deep inner work, followed by scalable, direct connections to the people, communities, and change makers to bring your true north into being?

Tell us – what does LIMITLESS mean to you? How can limitless inform your daily thinking and life, through decisions both small and large? In what areas are you currently limited, and how can we help smash those barriers and bring you into the space that is beckoning you forward?

LIMITLESS 2019, we’re so excited for you.
Phosphorescing like the North Star.


Brian Nickerson
CEO & Co-Founder of MagicLinks

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