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YouTube Subscriber Count Drop Suddenly? It’s Not You. It’s YouTube.

All YouTubers keep a close eye on their subscriber counts (and those of their competitors), to see when they gain or lose followers. In mid-December 2018, many YouTubers woke up to a sudden, dramatic loss – sometimes in the millions, as with super popular channels like PewDiePie or HolaSoyGerman.

“Why? What happened? What did I do wrong???”

Rest assured, it wasn’t you – it was YouTube. The site announced it deleted millions of bogus/bot accounts, videos, and comments, as a part of YouTube’s ongoing enforcement of their community standards.

You should never buy your followers, EVER, but even YouTubers who thought they’d grown their channels organically got hit by the so-called “purge”. That’s because spam accounts will often mass-follow thousands of channels in a category, and like/comment on videos en masse, artificially inflating their stats and trying to get legit fans to click the spam links in their comments.

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