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Is Instagram Testing Stories Timers? Yup! Here’s Why It Matters.

Yesterday, @itskyleharris posted a screenshot from his Instagram feed showing a Stories timer that displays how long a viewer has left to click on them. Instagram Stories only last 24 hours, if not saved to the creators’ Highlights Reels, so adding a timer could increase Stories engagement (helloooo, FOMO).

Image courtesy @itskyleharris

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ICYDK, Instagram’s Stories feed algorithm works similarly to the regular Instagram feed’s algorithm: It prioritizes the profiles you interact with the most, followed by shared interests/connections. There are theories that the algorithm shows your posts chronologically if your stories get under 50 views. At 50+ views, the engagement-focused algorithm kicks in. These theories have yet to be fully proved, but we can tell you that using Instagram Stories regularly will help drive your engagement rate up!

Other things you CAN do to boost your IG engagement rate, follower count, and sales?

  1. Schedule posts for when your audience is most active (convert to a Business Instagram so you can check those IG analytics!)
  2. Engage with your fans on your own posts, and on theirs
  3. Post regularly & consistently
  4. Do regular IG livestreams
  5. Ensure your branding & aesthetic is clearly defined on all content you post, so fans recognize it and stop scrolling to watch
  6. Use 5-10 hashtags per post
  7. Save IG Stories to categorized Highlights Reels in your bio
  8. Use Swipe Up To Shop links to promote your fave MagicLinked products & ObsessedWith.It pages
  9. Use IG Stories features like questions, polls, and more to get your fans interacting with you
  10. Tag brands in your posts, even when it’s not sponcon

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*Cover images courtesy of MagicLinks influencers @arvinolano and @nitraab

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