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Instagram Testing Removing the Ability to Repost to Instagram Stories

Instagrammers in Thailand, Chile, and Argentina claim they can’t repost to Instagram Stories from in-feed posts. Is it just a tech bug? Nope. Instagram’s testing removing the repost feature altogether. Yes, really.

Okay, Instagram, what the heck are you DOING?

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At this time, IG has no plans to stop, or to add more countries to their test. Still, creators are freaking out – one petition against this has over 74,000 signatures!

As with Facebook’s share & Twitter’s retweet features, reposting to IG Stories is a huge growth & engagement driver for creators. To clarify, this isn’t just limiting creators to repost their own. content to IG Stories. It also restricts fans from being able share their fav creators’ content via Story reposts. Story reposts currently include a link back to the original creator. This, in turn, drives the fan’s subscribers to click through to the creator’s page.

What Can Creators Do If Instagram Permanently Removes the Repost to Instagram Stories Feature?

Don’t panic! In reality, Instagram feeds already prioritize real engagement and original content. Reposts are engagement, but not ACTIVE engagement. With this in mind, check out these four Instagram hacks for both in-feed AND Stories. These tips truly drive REAL subscriber engagement, without “pay to play”.

4 ig stories repost work-arounds for creators 1. Screenshot IG posts and share to Stories with a swipe up link to the original post (requires 10k subs) 2. Upload a video IG story about your in-feed post with a swipe up link to a shoppable ObsessedWith.It post (requires 10k subs) 3. In your in-feed post captions, ask open-ended questions to get your fans commenting/engaging with in-feed posts 4. Post at least 2 original IG stories/day + 3 original in-feed posts/week to get more engagement

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