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Top Instagram Influencers Post THIS Much Every Week! [Infographic]

A newly leaked presentation shows that Instagram held strategy meetings with select creators + managers. During these meetings, the lucky few got specifics, such as what types of content to post, and how often. Now, we’ve gotten a peek behind the curtain!




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Instagram’s official posting & content tips!

To get your content pushed to the top of your subscribers' Instagram feeds, try this Instagram-recommended weekly posting schedule

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Finally, Don’t Forget: Increasing Your Instagram Engagement Rate Is Crucial!

Instagram’s a pretty crowded place; for example, they have over 1 billion active daily users! Therefore, it’s crucial to post the 5 content types referenced above. In other words, posting like this helps expose your content to a wider audience. Engaging your your subscribers requires: First, respond to comments. Second, like + comment on your fans’ posts. Third, engage with top creators in your content niche. Finally, tag the brands you create content about. Remember, that the more a fan engages with your content, the higher your content will appear in their Instagram feeds. High engagement rates give you a better shot at landing on the Instagram Explore page – meaning, more new followers!


Earn Money on Instagram with MagicLinks!

*Cover images courtesy of MagicLinks influencers Christine Le, Katie & Ben of @TwoWanderingSoles, and Samantha Guerrero

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