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4 Quick Ways To Increase Subscriber Engagement On Your Channels

You love your subscribers, right? Of course! They’ve got the same interests as you do, they’re smart, funny, and savvy – and they love your videos! So, it makes sense to cater to them and interact with them. Creating a welcoming, engaging community where they can interact with each other and with you is a challenge, but a fun one. Read on for our best tips on how to increase subscriber engagement!

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What Is Engagement Rate, Anyways?

How to calculate your engagement rate: Divide the total # of interactions a post recieves [likes, comments, shares, views] by the number of followers on the channel. Multiply the result by 100 to get your engagement rate, expressed as a percentage.   Why do brands care? Higher engagement rates mean your fans are paying attention to your content - and are more likely to buy from your content!

1. Increase Subscriber Engagement With Polls and Livestreams

The quickest, easiest way to find out what your subscribers want to see more of is simple: Ask. People LOVE to let you know their opinions.

For example, MagicLinks influencer Jen Luvs Reviews not only hosts weekly hour-long livestreams, but has also created the Makeup Brain Elite squad, where her most devoted fans + fellow creators can submit makeup news for her regular “What’s Up In Makeup” series. She keeps her fans engaged, motivated to return to the next video, and cultivates her community.

A few great leading questions to ask your subscribers are:

  • “Let me know what kinds of tutorials you’d like to see me do!”
  • “Are there any products you’ve been dying to see me review?”
  • “I didn’t love this product, but if there’s a similar one you use and love, let me know so I can review it in a future video!”
  • “Leave a comment with a description of the hardest-to-shop-for person on your holiday gifting list, and I’ll make a video of gift suggestions for some of the commenters!”

2. Respond To Subscriber Comments

When your channels are growing by leaps and bounds, it’s hard to keep up with ALL comments, but you should make an effort to personally reply to at least 5-10 comments a day. Subscribers LOVE when their fave influencer responds to them! Take a look at MagicLinks influencer Kris Hui’s comments, and see how she keeps fans coming back for more by responding to a select few comments on every video.

3. Add a Memorable Call To Action To Every Intro and Outro

Have you written your intro and outro yet? Most popular Youtubers have their opening and closing spiels memorized. Said spiels ALWAYS include something like, “Please like this video and leave me a comment so I know what you’re thinking, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and become a part of our family!” Your CTA (Call To Action) should encourage fans to subscribe, like, comment, share, AND shop your MagicLinks.

MagicLinks influencer DIY With KB’s intro and outro are truly *chefs kiss* perfection. Her intro and outro have it all:

  • An engaging welcome + farewell
  • A call to subscribe to all her channels
  • Specifics of the video topic
  • A friendly invitation to comment with questions
  • A reminder to shop the MagicLinks in her video description.

    4. Set Friendly, Respectful Commenting Guidelines

    We’ve talked about moderating comments before, but it bears repeating. Set clear guidelines for your subscribers, i.e.:

    • What kind of language is unwelcome,
    • Constructive criticism only,
    • Please report any comments that offend the subscriber, and
    • That you CAN and WILL block repeat offenders!

    Sometimes, you’ll have to address comments by themselves in a video. We’re impressed by Gabi Fuller‘s honesty & charm in this video – way to address the haters!

    On the MagicLinks blog, we breaking down what you need to know about social media platforms and MagicLinks to increase your online visibility, maintain authentic communication with brands and your subscribers, and maximize your MagicLinks experience and commissions.

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    *Cover images courtesy of MagicLinks creators Jen Luvs Reviews and Kris Hui

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