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How to Get on Tik Tok Viewers’ For You Page

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ICYMI, Tik Tok is kiiiinda the next big thing, partly because of the filters, fun challenges, and general goofiness… But also because of the mysteries of the Tik Tok algorithm. No one seemed to really know what exactly pushed some content to the top of each user’s For You page. Obviously, the For You page exists to bring viewers content Tik Tok thinks they’ll love, but HOW does it DO THAT?

We still don’t know everything, but thanks to a recent post from Tik Tok’s blog, we’ve gotten a peek behind the curtain. Drumroll, please….

Factors the TikTok Algorithm ACTUALLY Uses, (From “Duh” to “Huh, Really?”)

Duh: A User’s Interactions

The videos a user uploads, the videos they like or share, comments they post, and the accounts they follow all weigh heavily into the content that makes it way into your feed. If they mark content as “Not Interested”, or “Interested”, that has an impact, too.

@officialcarolinemanningPFH – Prom From Home. I’m making it a thing. Who wants to be my date? @davidsbridal ##DBprom ##davidsbridal♬ original sound – davidsbridal

Duh: Video Information

Captions? Sounds? Songs? Hashtags? Tagged Creators? It all factors in. Never forget to add those hashtags & tagged creators, mmkay?

@roccibellaCuando me dicen bailamos ##durachallenge ##fyp ##foryoupage ##cople @daddyyankee♬ あやつり人形 – ビーチューバーチョー*

Huh, Really? Device + Account Settings

Do your fans use iPhones, Androids, laptops, tablets, or other devices to surf Tik Tok? TikTok keeps that in mind, in order to ensure premium performance speeds. It’s not as big a factor in the algorithm as likes/dislikes, but it IS there.

@asapmarinacan u tell whos the dancer in the family @miahcgriffith ?♬ Lip – jaydreeun

Huh, Really? View Diversification

TikTok says that, “…diversity is essential to maintaining a thriving global community, and it brings the many corners of TikTok closer together. To that end, sometimes you may come across a video in your feed that doesn’t appear to be relevant to your expressed interests or have amassed a huge number of likes. This is an important and intentional component of our approach to recommendation: bringing a diversity of videos into your For You feed gives you additional opportunities to stumble upon new content categories, discover new creators, and experience new perspectives and ideas as you scroll through your feed.” .

‘Nuff said.

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