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How To Earn More Money as an Instagram Influencer – Even With a Small Channel! (Video)

ICYMI, 2020 is the year brands realized nano and micro influencers are AWESOME. With a much higher engagement rate and a more real, organic connection with subscribers, brands can develop long-term relationships with both fans and influencers that yield a much higher ROI (Return On Investment). The problem is… How do you attract brand attention as a small influencer, and how do you make money when your IG follower count is under 20k?

Grow & Monetize Your Instagram:

In the video below, Ginalyn, our savvy Marketing Manager, has some pro tips for micro influencers for growing your channel, earning money, and getting brand deals. Don’t forget to subscribe to the MagicLinks Youtube channel and @MagicLinks on Instagram, where we share the secrets to making it big on social media.

TL;DR: Key Takeaways

We get it, you’re busy – so we took some notes from the video for you! Enjoy!

  1. Micro influencer = 10k+ followers. Brands love micro influencers because they have higher engagement rates, drive sales, and will often post in exchange for product, instead of a flat fee
  2. Post & tag your fave brands organically a lot, and drive sales to them through your MagicLinks so we have your sales records to put in front of brands for casting
  3. Post the kind of content your favorite brands do – and your favorite brands’ favorite influencers
  4. Get noticed: Define your aesthetic so fans know it’s you INSTANTLY and stop to watch/read your latest content
  5. Get gifted: apply to be a brand ambassador, then, once you have a sales record with brands, approach them with a flat fee & records of your sales
  6. Reach out to brands via DM, email, or LinkedIn, and don’t forget your media kit!
  7. Join an influencer network (like, surprise surprise, MagicLinks!): You’ll have access to hundreds of top brands, earn commissions, and drive more sales with tools like ObsessedWith.It
  8. Try live shopping with your fans! Livestream with a pre-set ObsessedWith.It page with your links ready to go, and get them engaged, interacting, and ready to impulse buy!
  9. Resell your excess goods from videos on consignment (Thredup, Poshmark, etc) to earn back some of the fees – but do NOT forget to declare everything in your taxes!

Want to earn money on your channels? We’d love to help you monetize your content – apply to join MagicLinks today!

*Cover images courtesy of MagicLinks influencers Alex Güembes and Mya-Karren (@klassically_kept)

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