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Creator Spotlight: Keli B

We are proud to shine a spotlight on the incredible contributions of Black creators within the MagicLinks community. From fashion and beauty to tech and gaming, their success and unwavering commitment to their craft echoes the richness and diversity of talent, not just on our platform, but in the creator space as a whole.

Keli B, the creative force behind iamkelib on YouTube, has been creating empowering content for over a decade. With a recent focus on self-development and mindfulness (and a new podcast!), Keli’s journey reflects her dedication to creating a supportive space for women navigating life’s complexities. Ahead, she shares more on the significance of community in her growth as a creator and offers advice for others, advocating for self-care and authenticity even amidst challenges like burnout.

Can you recall the exact moment that motivated you to create your first post? What did your next steps look like?

I remember watching YouTube and saying to myself “I can do that.” I watched Youtube for an entire year before I posted my first video back in 2012. I just opened my laptop using the built in camera and recorded my first video in my bathroom.

Was there a specific moment when you realized your content was making an impact? How have you seen or felt your success over the years?

Yes, when my viewers were able to relate to me and we discussed similar experiences in the comments [section]. Success looks different for everyone. It wasn’t the money or followers, it was the connection. I have been on YouTube for over a decade and I truly enjoy the entire process from planning, recording, publishing to reading and responding to the comments. 

Can you share any significant collaborations or achievements that have had a profound impact on your creative career? 

I recently did a collaboration with fellow YouTuber @moreketa, for her 2023 Holiday Outfit Ideas. It was meaningful for me because she didn’t have to include me in her project, but she did. It’s a collaboration that I will forever be grateful for and I will always remember. 

Your decision to open up to your audience about self-development, mindfulness, and self-care is so inspiring, and something we admire here at MagicLinks. How has being more vulnerable with your audience impacted your journey as a creator?

The pandemic shined a big light on my life. The pandemic started March 2020 and I was in therapy by August 2020. I didn’t realize there were so many things in my life I buried and ignored. I was at the point where my cup was empty. I had to find a way to fill it because people depended on me and I needed myself.

I knew I wasn’t the only one going through this so I started making videos on self-care, mindfulness, self-development and the benefits of therapy. As I begin to roll out the videos, I felt my community. My followers didn’t send hate messages, they supported me and shared their journey in therapy as well.

You recently launched a podcast—congrats! We Age Graceful Podcast serves as a space for women over 40. Can you share more about this project, and what you hope to accomplish with it?

Thank you so much. I created We Age Graceful to be a YouTube channel to discuss topics that women over 40 encounter; fibroids, menopause, depression and the list goes. As I created videos I started to self sabotage myself. I knew I was doing something good, but I lost steam. I talked to my good friend Keta,  and she asked if I have ever thought about a podcast, and the rest is history. The podcast is doing great and I’m so grateful I’m able to reach so many like minded women who want to discuss topics that women over 40 encounter.

What role has your community played in your growth as a Creator?
I think about my community all the time, especially when it comes to content. It’s not just my content, it’s our content, so I always want to be relatable and easy going.
On your YouTube channel, you mention wanting to inspire other women to live their best life. What motivates you to keep going in times of low engagement or burnout?

This is a a good question because I don’t have a large channel, but I have been on YouTube for over a decade. You have to really enjoy this, and I do. Creating content makes me happy. I can’t control who clicks my videos, but I can control the quality of my content and serving the tribe I do have. 

What tools or resources would you recommend to other content creators looking to grow?

Use what you have. I always felt I needed the newest camera or phone but once you realize what you have is good enough, you will shine.

What’s your advice for creators dealing with burnout?

If you feel burnout or lack of motivation, take a break. You audience will understand. Your audience wants you in good spirits because you are providing vibes only.

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