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10 Back-to-School Influencers to Inspire Your Fall Campaigns

The back-to-school season signals a fresh start, and schools and families aren’t the only ones with new opportunities just around the corner. This fall is prime time for brands to build new connections with audiences. 

These new connections go beyond families with school-aged children to reach teachers, parents, college students, and anyone else getting back into the swing of things after summer.

Whether your goal is to reach TeacherTok, busy families, or students, an effective campaign will require more than gathering some product photos and throwing a few back-to-school hashtags in a post. You’ll need a deep understanding of how back-to-school marketing has evolved and the emerging trends for this year.

If you’re looking for influencer marketing ideas that are working right now, and the influencers to connect with to make your campaign a success, this guide has you covered.

What Is a Back-to-School Influencer?

For the most part, there aren’t creators solely focused on back-to-school content. Because this season lasts only a few weeks each year, no influencer would dedicate their entire account to this type of promotion. 

For that reason, back-to-school influencers tend to span many different industries. They simply pivot their focus in July, August, and September to helping people find the products and tips they need to make the transition from summer to the school year.

The Evolution of Back-to-School Influencer Marketing

Even on social media, the back-to-school season used to be all about school supply deals. It typically focused on K-12 students buying items from their school lists – you probably remember the glue sticks, pencils, and color-coded notebooks. Thanks to Gen Z, back-to-school influencer marketing has truly evolved over the years.

Now, back-to-school influencers focus on the needs of everyone involved. This includes college students, parents, and teachers. Additionally, back-to-school messaging is now coming from every industry, from health and wellness to beauty, fashion, parenting, home decor, food, and more. 

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The Latest Trends in Back-to-School Influencer Marketing

Gen Z has gained a firm footing in the world of social media, which brands can look to them for the latest social media trends. Check out some of the ways back-to-school influencers are shaping this season.

Charitable Giving

If there’s one thing that sets Gen Z apart, it’s the fact that they care deeply about the well-being of others. Despite record inflation in the last few years, young people care about giving back to their communities. 

During the back-to-school season, don’t be surprised to see them hosting or supporting school supply drives or scholarship fundraising opportunities to help ensure every student can succeed. It’s also a good idea to make sure your brand is giving back in some way, as young people are more likely to support you in that mission.

Cost Savings

Still, it’s important not to assume that Gen Z has forgotten about inflation. They’re looking for ways to save money at every turn, as research has shown that price is still the way they make purchase decisions. 

With back-to-school spending at $597 per child, there’s no doubt that everyone will be looking for discounts and more affordable alternatives to just about everything. 

User-Generated Content

Every family with kids can relate to the chaos and excitement of the back-to-school season. This is the perfect time for mom and dad influencers to encourage people to share their experiences with your brand and showcase how it has helped them during this busy time. 

User-generated content makes your brand more authentic and relatable, which is important to this generation of young buyers. Not sure where to start with finding or developing user-generated content for your brand? Reach out to MagicLinks to take care of the heavy lifting for you.

College Students Matter

Most traditional back-to-school campaigns are focused on families with K-12 students. However, recent years have seen the rise of college-aged influencers who are putting the spotlight on the collegiate back-to-school experience. 

This often includes showcasing dorm decor and school supplies. However, it can also mean giving tips and tricks for studying, surviving peer pressure, staying healthy, or finding money for tuition.

A Focus on Tech Solutions

In the last few years, many schools have made a move away from paper and pencil assignments to using more technology like tablets and laptops. If you have a technology or tech-adjacent product or service that can benefit kids, families, or teachers, now is your moment to shine. Make sure you make the most of it with an effective campaign.

Back-to-School Campaign Ideas for Various Industries

One of the most notable things about the back-to-school season is that brands in just about every vertical can participate. Here are a few marketing ideas for back-to-school influencers partnering with businesses in various industries:

  • Fitness: Fitness challenge or back-to-school contests 🧘
  • Beauty: Quick makeup looks or skin care routines for busy school mornings 💄
  • Food: Easy meal prep, school lunch, or weeknight dinner ideas 🍱
  • Health: Tips on avoiding common illnesses during the back-to-school chaos 🩺
  • Tech: Livestreams that showcase product features and device essentials 💻
  • Decor & Furniture: Classroom or dorm room makeovers, DIY tips 🖼️
  • Fashion: Budget finds, shopping hauls, and fall must-haves. 👢

With a solid strategy, your brand can partner with influencers to reach new audiences on YouTube, Instagram, and even TikTok to help them get ready to take on another school year.

10 Back-to-School Influencers to Inspire Your Fall Marketing Campaign

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Are you a brand looking for the next top influencer to partner with this back-to-school season? Check out a few influencers below who are doing an excellent job getting their followers excited about the 2023-2024 school year.

  1. Megan DuVarney Forbes | @toocoolformiddleschool (66.4K on Instagram): A teacher sharing her favorite books and tips for equitable classroom culture
  2. Jessica Woo | @sulheejessica (5.7M on TikTok): One of the most popular mom influencers on the platform who makes unique bento box lunches for her kids
  3. Rachel Earls | @EarlsFamilyVlogs (541K on YouTube): Rachel’s channel focuses on the busy lives of Rachel’s family of six. Check our Rachel’s recent Walmart shopping haul, where she surprises her boys with her back-to-school finds. 
  4. Jimmy Ton | @JimmyTriesWorld (179K on YouTube): This tech-savvy influencer breaks down everything you need to know when device shopping for the school year. Watch his budget tech tips video for how to get what you need, without overspending. 
  5. Nazjaa | @nazjaa (140K on Instagram): New Stanford grad and style influencer shares fashion, travel, and beauty inspiration. Recent grads who want to elevate their looks for the professional world should check out Nazjaa’s recent video with her #KohlsFinds
  6. Kumiko Love | @thebudgetmom (727K on Instagram): A dedicated mom providing real-life money and budgeting tips
  7. The Weiss Life | @theweisslife (1.21M on YouTube): Mom and dad raising six kids show what it’s like for large families shopping for supplies and clothing.
  8. Scarlett and Tiana | @scarlettandtiania (6.4M on TikTok): This mother-daughter duo are all over social media, inspiring others with their positivity. Get a taste of their style in this sponsored TikTok video with Scarlett introducing Tiana’s back-to-school looks. 
  9. Niki Patton | @niki_patton (1.8M on TikTok): College student sharing information and tips for incoming students 
  10. Fletcher Nelson @_thirdgradeswag (79K on Instagram): This 3rd-grade teacher posts about reading instruction, classroom management, and teacher home life.

This group of influencers includes teachers, parents, students, and professionals who play a valuable role in helping students, peers, and families get ready to go back into the classroom.

Get in on the Back-to-School Goldmine with Effective Influencer Marketing

Whether you cater to students, parents, teachers, or families, make sure your brand doesn’t miss the chance to help potential customers build a foundation for success over the coming school year. Partnering with influencers is a smart move at any time of year, and with back-to-school content from creators, you’ll also create momentum for your brand heading into the critical holiday season.

Reach out to MagicLinks to learn more about our influencer marketing platform. We’re here to help you launch your next campaign with creators that your fans (and potential fans!) will love.

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