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7 Mom Influencers Making Video Magic

From sharing parenting hacks to documenting heartfelt moments, moms have always played a big role on social. Forget the scripted stuff – we’re talking about raw, unfiltered moments that keep followers laughing, nodding along in solidarity, and reaching for the tissues. 

For Mother’s Day, join us as we spotlight mom influencers who are serving up content that is as relatable as it is entertaining. It’s time to celebrate the magic of motherhood, one video at a time!

The mamas we’re featuring include:

  • Jennica Thompson
  • Rachel Autenrieth
  • Brianna Savoca Koehler
  • LuxMommy
  • Jeanice Perez
  • Ashlynn Eaton
  • Sarah Vargas

Top Mom Influencers

Jennica Thompson


POV you just realized your only child is about to be an adult 🫠 i could puke pls @annica jane live with me forever ill do your laundry and make weekly chicken pot pies also free rent for life under my roof 💅🏻🫶🏻

♬ original sound – JENNICA

Gilmore Girls fans will relate to Jennica’s dynamic with her daughter Annica: they’re a mother-daughter duo that challenges and supports each other. And they have a blast in the process. Jennica’s content balances single motherhood with self-care strategies, which results in consistently high engagement rates from her followers.

Rachel Autenrieth 

Rachel brings her distinct fashion sense to her journey as a first-time mom. For anyone prepping to become a parent, check out her Instagram for chic maternity style and her YouTube channel for lifestyle-focused content. 

Brianna Savoca Koehler 

How do moms do it all? Look to single mama Brianna to break it down for you. As a mom of three, she consistently shares creative ideas for home cleaning, decor, kid-friendly crafts, party-planning hacks, travel tips, and more. 

Amanda aka LuxMommy

Being a mom doesn’t mean your content needs to focus solely on kids – moms have their own lives and passions! Amanda’s YouTube channel, LuxMommy, is appropriately named because she focuses primarily on the lux. She’s a versatile creator; her fashion, health, and home content has allowed her to be successful with brands across industries. 

Jeanice Perez


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Jeanice’s TikTok account is a “digital love letter” to her daughter, Jordyn. From candid conversations around teenage driving to playful after-school antics, her videos capture the essence of modern motherhood. The real connection, laughs, and love resonate across generations of followers. 

Ashlynn Eaton

Looking to slow down? Or declutter your spaces? Mom-to-be Ashlynn is a master of mindfulness and simplicity, even throughout her pregnancy. The soundtrack to her videos alone will ease your mind. For brands, she delivers strong content that engages through educating her followers.

Sarah Vargas 

Sarah Vargas keeps it very real in her vlogs, which cover everything from plus-sized fashion, makeup tutorials (for people who suck at makeup), and body confidence convos. She’s a prolific content creator who engages her audiences across platforms, whether they’re moms or not!

Do you have a favorite mom influencer? Make sure you show them some love this Mother’s Day! 

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