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Sustainability Day 2020: Renewing Our Commitment to Change

On Sustainability Day, I would like to share reflections on the changes the MagicLinks team has implemented since January when I shared my word of 2020, Zero Impact, and our intention to help create systemic change in e-commerce.

In January, every member of MagicLinks made a personal commitment to make one change in our daily habits to live more aligned with the planet. For example, Bryan Mirabal made a commitment to reduce carbon emissions from personal car travel, and began biking to work a minimum of 3 days a week.

This personal commitment lays the foundation for all of our work in Sustainability, as we must be working through the challenges and inertia embedded in our current way of life, as we seek to create this change in the broader world. You can see these personal commitments on our team page.

When tackling a challenge as audacious as changing the inherently unsustainable structure of e-commerce, it’s the process of taking small steps daily that will bring the larger change we seek into being.

Here is an update on some of the systemic improvements we’ve made so far in 2020:

  • MagicLinks formalized our partnership with Cool Effect to purchase Carbon Offsets, and we have been carbon negative as a company since Q4 2019.
  • We launched Responsible Impact, a podcast featuring sustainability changemakers in e-commerce, with 11 episodes (so far) and listeners in more than 30 countries around the world.
  • We launched our Sustainability Ratings, with an aim to bring transparency into consumer purchase behavior by highlighting the sustainable practices of e-commerce brands.
  • We’re on the journey to become B Corp Certified.
  • MagicLinks’ office space has been designed with sustainability at its core and also is filled with greenery (15 trees, and many more plants), and we live in harmony with them in a vibrant space with clean air and natural light.

Looking forward to our Sustainability efforts in the coming year, I am so excited about our foundation and what it means for fully living into Responsible Impact. From expansion of our Sustainability Ratings, to finishing B-Corp Certification, to partnering with more organizations like Cool Effects, to creating feedback loops with creators and consumers based on interactions with brands, we aim to be partners in the sustainable change that is essential to all life.

Come join us in this journey.

Brian Nickerson
CEO & Co-Founder, MagicLinks

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