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MagicLinks Teams Up With SPY for a Day of Creativity and Community Action in Venice

Turning moments of inspiration into action—that’s the essence of MagicLinks. While we have roots in social commerce, our vision extends far beyond, aiming to make a difference in the world around us. Our recent event, “Magic Moment,” in collaboration with Safe Place for Youth (SPY) of Los Angeles, is a testament to this mission. This collaborative day brought together Creators from the Los Angeles area to make a tangible impact and foster a sense of community that reached beyond the digital realm, to effect real-world change.

Located in Venice, CA, SPY provides vital resources for homeless and at-risk youth. Their mission aligns with MagicLinks’ core values, making this collaboration all the more meaningful.

The Day’s Activities: More Than Just Volunteering

The day began with a guided meditation session led by Chloe Street of FlowByChlo. This activity provided a tranquil setting for both creators and youth, emphasizing the importance of mental well-being.

Following meditation, the MagicLinks team, alongside our partnered Creators, turned their attention to organizing SPY’s clothing closet. Creators donated surplus items while MagicLinks pitched in to fulfill missing essentials including shoes and personal care items. It wasn’t just about donating; it was about creating a well-organized, accessible closet to empower young people to choose outfits that reflect their individuality.

The event’s focal point was a harvest feast, featuring fresh produce from SPY’s community garden. Creators were hands-on in providing a farm-to-table experience and spent the remainder of the day engaging with the youth.

Our day with SPY reaffirmed our belief in the power of community and collaboration. Creators Nana Bruner, Nicole Bruner, Soo Youn Lee, and Heaven Marley all echoed a similar sentiment: how refreshing and meaningful it was to participate in an event with a focus on doing good in their community.

As a certified B-corp, MagicLinks is in the business of impact, creating channels and resources for influencers to use their reach for the greater good.

Homelessness is a global issue and it’s felt profoundly here at our home base in Venice, CA. We found Safe Place For Youth and quickly discovered that we shared values of creating positive change, addressing each challenge uniquely and specifically, and a common purpose and mission of uplifting the youth – our most vulnerable members. In 2018, we launched a partnership with S.P.Y and have continued to provide support through meal deliveries, a commitment to donating $2,500 every quarter, and internship opportunities for youth members.

Our founder’s dream is to transform digital influence into positive action, and this event with SPY is just a glimpse of what we aim to accomplish.

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