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Introducing the New MagicLinks Brand Portal

Real-time, Full-funnel Analytics & Content at your fingertips

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the new and improved MagicLinks Brand Portal – a game-changing addition to our suite of influencer marketing products for brands. This secure, data-driven hub is tailored exclusively to our valued brand partners, providing a personalized and insightful look at their MagicLinks’ influencer marketing programs. 

We developed the Brand Portal to empower our brand partners with a profound understanding of their campaigns. In an era where insights drive success, we’re providing a compass to help brands navigate the influencer marketing landscape strategically. And, we’ve created a search-friendly library to house sponsored content that highlights individual video performance metrics.

Brian Nickerson, MagicLinks CEO

The Dashboard: Unlock the Power of Data Visualization

The heart of the Brand Portal lies in the Dashboard, a comprehensive snapshot of a brand’s performance over time. Brands can effortlessly unearth trends, identify peak periods, and dig deep into analytics that matter most to them. With the ability to filter by date and platform, brands will uncover actionable insights to fuel their strategic decisions.

Content Library: The Gateway to Engaging Content

Brands can navigate the Content Library – a database of all their MagicLinks campaign content. Brands can seamlessly search, explore, and analyze the impact of each sponsored video, while gaining real-time metrics on reach and engagement, empowering them to measure content effectiveness and optimize future strategies. 

Campaign Data Redefined

The Campaigns section illuminates a brand’s journey with MagicLinks Creators. Brands can dive into summaries enriched with in-depth insights into Creators, content, and overall campaign performance. This allows brands to make informed choices backed by data-driven decision-making, ensuring every step aligns with their ROI goals.

The Why Behind the Brand Portal

In a dynamic landscape where data is king, we crafted the Brand Portal to empower brands in the most impactful ways:

🔍 Enhanced Data Visibility: Brands gain round-the-clock access to real-time analytics so they can consistently monitor content performance, and stay updated on overall campaign dynamics.

🗃️ Streamlined Content Management: Having all of a brand’s campaign content in one place cuts down on time spent organizing and tracking individual assets. Brands can quickly understand the content that resonated historically and harness insights to fine-tune future campaigns – all at their convenience.

📊 Data-Driven Decision Making: The Brand Portal readily translates raw data into actionable intelligence. Brands can leverage historical data, cross-platform comparisons, and content analyses to optimize ROI and steer their influencer programs toward success.

The Brand Portal was crafted to be as user-friendly as your favorite app. Our team’s intention was to take all of MagicLinks’ complex data and turn it into a simple, intuitive experience that answers the questions brands have about their creator campaigns, and helps them make the most informed decisions going forward.

Reid Moran, MagicLinks VP of Engineering

The Brand Portal is being gradually rolled out to brands across the MagicLinks network and will be included with all campaigns going forward. Non-campaign brands will be able to gain access to the Brand Portal via a monthly subscription.

At MagicLinks, we’re committed to empowering brands with data. The Brand Portal exemplifies our dedication to innovation and transparency, equipping brands with the tools and expertise to stand out in the competitive social commerce space.

We’re ready to help you elevate your influencer marketing game, harness the magic of data, and propel your brand to new heights with support from our team of experts! Reach out to MagicLinks to learn more about the Brand Portal and our influencer marketing platform.

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