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How to Make Money with Your 2020 Holiday Content – With *Less* Than 100K Followers! (video)

You might think that having under 100,000 followers means you can’t quit your day job just yet, ’cause your channel isn’t making enough money. Think again 😉 The MagicLinks creators in the above image, Cindy Fulmer (@aheatedmess) and Marrica Evans, are two of our top-grossing creators recently – and they both have under 100k subscribers. How do they do it?

In the video below, Ginalyn, our savvy Marketing Manager, has some pro tips for all you nano & micro influencers as you create your holiday content this year. Don’t forget to subscribe to the MagicLinks Youtube channel and @MagicLinks on Instagram, where we share the secrets to making it big on social media.

TL;DR: Key Takeaways

We get it, you’re busy – so we took some notes from the video for you! Enjoy!

  1. Apply to MagicLinks now (if you haven’t already) so you can start earning $$ ASAP
  2. Create ObsessedWith.It pages for every social post, and ObsessedWith.It gift guide collection pages so your fans have a one-stop shop for ALL your content + links! P.S. MagicLinks creators who use ObsessedWith.It earn an average of THREE TIMES MORE MONEY 😲
  3. Peak shopping season in 2019 was November 7 – December 7, with sales up by 168% over the usual monthly average for MagicLinks creators
  4. Don’t forget your CTA (Call To Action) in every post, to encourage fans to shop NOW – “Click the link in description to shop now!” “Secure the bag – click below to shop!”
  5. COVID-19 + the defunding of the USPS is causing major shipping delays, so urge early shopping
  6. If you haven’t already created your holiday content, do it now. A list of key holiday 2020 shopping & shipping dates can be found here.
  7. Top-earning holiday videos: Gift guides, holiday makeup collection reviews, and holiday shop with me
  8. 2019’s top retailers were: Sephora & Ulta for Beauty, Nordstrom & Express for Fashion, and Target & Best Buy for Home + Tech
  9. Focus on linking to big box stores that carry a wide variety of brands: It encourages fans to spend more in a single transaction, which means more commissions for you
  10. Use the MagicLinks creator dashboard to identify retailers that pay the highest commission rates
  11. The more you MagicLink to brands organically, the more likely you are to be casted in a brand’s next campaign (score!)

Want to earn money on your channels? We’d love to help you monetize your content – apply to join MagicLinks today!

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