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“How Do I Get Sponsored on TikTok?” Do These 6 Things!

Want to know how to make money on TikTok? TikTok brand sponsorships are a huge potential $$ source. Make money on TikTok with MagicLinks brand campaigns!

Ever wondered how people make money on TikTok? Since TikTok doesn’t have creator ad monetization, there’s no one steady revenue stream on the platform. If you want to get paid on TikTok, you’ve got to 1) diversify your TikTok monetization sources, and 2) get TikTok brand deals.


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Organic reach & growth is faster and easier on TikTok, therefore,brands are eager to capitalize on it. Furthermore, since TikTok’s algorithm prioritizes content it thinks a user will like, brand-sponsored TikToks can see new traffic surges LONG after initial publication.


How To Get Sponsored On TikTok


1. Build Your TikTok Following

If you want to get sponsored on TikTok, first, focus on your fans. TikTok became popular because it’s viewed as more genuine: The content is less edited, less filtered. So, if you want brands to notice you, get more REAL, engaged TikTok followers. Similarly to other platforms, having at least 10,000 subscribers is a benchmark for many brands to consider you campaign-worthy.

A quick TL;DR on how to get more TikTok subscribers:

  • Stick to your content niche
  • Interact with creators in your niche
  • Engage with your fans
  • Post 2-3 times per day, around the same time each day
  • Use trending hashtags and sounds/songs
  • Use humor in your content
  • Upload brand-favorite video types: Before & afters, product demos/reviews, how-tos, FAQs, and hacks
  • Videos should present a problem, and end with a solution

Upgrade to a Pro TikTok account, and use the analytics to determine which content performs best on your channel. Pay special attention to insights about your under-30 audience, as over half of TikTok users are under 30. Brands want in on that demographic!

2. Grow Your Other Channels


Again, because TikTok is young, brands want influencers with a strong portfolio of work on multiple platforms. Instagram and TikTok, for example, are particularly connected in brands’ minds, since the average TikTok user spends 52 minutes a day on the app, and the average Instagram user spends 53 minutes on the app.

A consistent engagement rate & follower count across your channels signifies to brands that you’re a quality influencer.

@devanondeckText ONDECK to 797979 for Links to My @walmart Outifits 🔥 ##walmart ##outfits ##fashion ##ad ##walmartfashion

♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

MagicLinks influencer @DevanOnDeck POPPED in this MagicLinks x Walmart sponsored TikTok campaign!

3. Make Your Profile Pop


Your TikTok profile is your virtual business card. With this in mind, it should have:

  • A professional profile picture
  • Links to your other channels (IG, YT, etc)
  • One clickable link (Here’s how to add a link to your TikTok bio)
  • A business contact email
  • A callout to brands that you’re open to sponsorships, plus a fun, memorable tagline
Want TikTok brand sponsorships? Your TikTok bio should link all your other social media, include contact info, and a link!

L-R: The TikTok bios of MagicLinks influencers Hope Cee, Patrick Ta, and Ashley Jones

4. Prep An Influencer Press Kit


A kickass creator press kit includes:

  • An about you section
  • Channel links + follower counts & demographics (age, gender, location)
  • Engagement rate of the 10 most recent posts on each channel
  • A list of brands you have already worked with + links to examples
  • Specific content services you offer, plus pricing: TikTok videos, Instagram in-feed posts, YouTube videos, etc.
  • Case studies of your most popular sponsored (and non-sponsored) content
  • Sales records from campaigns, merch lines, and affiliate links

    5. Create Organic Content About Your Fave Brands – and Use Your MagicLinks To Sell, Sell, Sell

    Brands won’t take a chance on a creator who’s never driven a single sale. Views, likes, and comments are great, but sales are a true measure of your influence.

    Create organic (non-sponsored) TikToks about brands you love. Upload your videos with a linked ObsessedWith.It page where your fans can shop everything you recommend. Then, call out your links & encourage subscribers to buy! You’ll earn commissions when fans purchase through your MagicLinks, and can use your sales records to entice brands.

    6. Join the TikTok Creator Marketplace (But Don’t Expect Much)


    Got 100,000 verified followers, 100,00 likes over the last 30 days, a TikTok Pro account, and are over 18? Then you may be eligible to join the TikTok Creator Marketplace, TikTok’s official space for brands and influencers to connect for sponsorships. To find out if you qualify, in your account settings, tap “apply” in the Creator Fund section of the Creator setting. If you don’t meet the criteria, the Creator Fund section is greyed out.

    Be warned, however: The Creator Fund & Creator Marketplace aren’t paying creators what they’re worth. In other words, your best bet to get paid on TikTok is to do affiliate linking and brand sponsorships through MagicLinks, and pitch yourself to brands.



    Earn Money On TikTok:


    Cover image courtesy of MagicLinks TikTok Creators @carranitac, @chloevmitchell, and @laurdiy

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