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6 Secrets to Successful Unboxing Videos

Who doesn’t love watching an unboxing video? It’s like Christmas, 24/7! Unboxing video views grew a whopping 57% in 2018. It’s a video genre creators can’t afford to not film. With that in mind, here are our

1. Fuel Product Hype & Anticipation

A huge part of the unboxing appeal is the obsession with acquiring whatever the product is. Whether it’s the newest iPhone, the latest Fenty Beauty eyeshadow palette, or a much-hyped kid’s toy, it fuels the primal drive to acquire in our brains. Your fans will have already seen lots of commercials surrounding the stuff you’re unboxing, but seeing YOUR honest, excited reaction when opening it may be the deciding factor that drives them to purchase it (through YOUR MagicLink in the description box, of course).

The spontaneity of the reaction is key.

2. Provide Useful Information About the Product(s)

A recent Google Consumer Survey showed that 62% of unboxing video viewers do so when researching a particular product. Part of the experience of purchasing something online is getting to open it, like a Christmas present, when it arrives. Packaging matters, as does ease of opening a product, and the

3. Steady Your Camera

Instagram Live videos and Instagram Stories benefit from a casual, low-key vibe where you can film on your phone and not worry overmuch about sound & picture quality, because they’re supposed to be off-the-cuff peeks into your life. An unboxing video, on the other hand, needs good sound quality, good picture, and a clean, undistracting background.

Film products from multiple angles and in different lighting – especially with makeup & clothes, where different lighting can make a huge difference in the color & texture of a product.

4. Timing Is Everything

Unboxing something months after it comes out…. Not so appealing. The hype has died down, most of your viewers will have already bought the product, etc.

Unboxing videos are especially popular from October through December, when consumers are shopping for holiday gifts – an estimated 60% of all unboxing videos are viewed during that time frame alone.

5. Use the Product

Acquiring is one thing. Using is another. We’ve talked about it before, but your viewers like to see a product in action. How does that mascara apply, and does it last all day? Is the new iPhone easy to start using fresh out of the box, or are there a lot of tedious steps? Don’t forget to continually tag the product & link back to it over time on your other channels, as you continue to use it.

6. End With a Call to Action

To cap off your video, let your viewers know you’ve got ready-to-shop links to the unboxed items in your video description. Encourage them to click & try it out for themselves, and let you know their review of the product in the comments.

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