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Yahoo News: Beauty Brands Returned to Posting Darker Skin Tones Over Holidays

“Data from Eyecue and MagicLinks suggests that racially inclusive influencer campaigns perform better, with Black influencers garnering a particularly high engagement and conversion rate. […]Eyecue applied its artificial intelligence technology capabilities to analyze more than 170,000 images from more than 80 beauty brands over the course of 2018 through December 2020 for its newest report. The company identified at least one skin tone on 65,000 portrait and closeup images, accounting for nearly 40 percent of all of the content.

The report was created in tandem with one from influencer marketing agency MagicLinks, whose diversity, equity and inclusion team recently implemented a 30 percent minimum requirement for racial diversity of talent in all campaigns. In its report, the agency found brands that incorporated greater racial diversity in their holiday campaigns saw better performance.

‘With instituting this 30 percent minimum in racial diversity, our team has been able to, in most cases, double that,” said Bryan Mirabal, MagicLinks’ global creative strategy and diversity, equity and inclusion lead. “It’s been great to see from brands that there’s interest, there’s cooperation.'”

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