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The Official MagicLinks Brand Campaign Best Practices Guide

Interested in brand campaigns? Make sure you’ve filled out the Sponsorship section of your My Profile page

MagicLinks is dedicated to your success as a creator & influencer: We work with thousands of retailers to bring you the best commissions and exclusive brand campaigns. If you’ve been chosen for a campaign, here are the things you need to know.


Communicate Expectations

A collaboration should always be mutually beneficial. Understanding the brand’s expectations & requirements and communicating your own expectations is the backbone of a successful campaign.

You should know:

  • Whether products are being gifted
  • The compensation rate that has been agreed upon
  • What kind of campaign you’re working on: which social media networks you’re posting on, which kind of content you’re posting, and how many posts are required
  • Whether post approval is required by MagicLinks + the brand before it goes live
  • Post deadlines


Once your rates + post ideas are brand-approved, a contract will be sent to you. Always read the entire contract carefully, so that you understand the brand’s terms and can ensure the deliverable expectations are clear.
Double-check that the agreed-upon rates are correct, and that you can fulfil all content obligations on-time.


Know Your Deadlines

Brand campaigns are set for specific dates, to coincide with promotions or new collection releases. Ensuring your posts are on-time is crucial: Set calendar reminders for draft due dates and actual post dates.

Communicate Proactively

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your MagicLinks Campaign Manager or the brand team executing the collaboration with any questions or issues. It’s better to sort out problems and questions before a post is live, not after.

Create Compelling, Original Content

As an influencer, you have a unique ability to amplify a brand’s digital presence, driving traffic and sales to their site through your engaging storytelling. Considering what will pique your subscribers’ interest will help you craft the message you want to deliver through this brand collaboration.

High-Quality Production Values

Brands expect the quality of your videos, photos, and writing to be high-quality, professional, and crisp. The stronger your collaboration content, the higher the chances are of your content being cross-promoted on their channels. This, in turn, can gain you new subscribers.


Submit Your Collaboration Obligations To MagicLinks ASAP

The sooner you are able to submit your collaboration content, the sooner the MagicLinks team is able to review your submissions and mark them as “Approved” or “Needs Update”. On-time submissions will ensure that all of your obligations are successfully fulfilled for a particular campaign.

Stay In Touch

When you are cast for a campaign, you will be working directly with a MagicLinks Campaign Manager, who serves as your primary contact. Read each email they send to you: Be sure to respond to them in a timely manner, as they are communicating on the brand’s behalf.

Interested in participating in future brand campaigns? Make sure you’ve filled out the Sponsorship section of your My Profile page.


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