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Startup.Info: MagicLinks CEO and Co-founder Brian Nickerson Shares with Us How the Startup is Elevating the Heart Centered Storytellers of Today

“The accelerating change in our society related to COVID-19, systemic racism in the United States and desire for change led by the Black Lives Matter movement, and some of the worst California wildfires in the last 100 years, have helped us step forward more publicly in our company values. Efforts that previously have not been discussed publicly are now at the core of what we do. This includes our Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion team, which launched MagicLinks’ first ever Instagram Live series #TeaTime. This series is dedicated to learning directly from Black leaders in the influencer and brand community in a committed effort to help evoke positive and real systemic change in our industry. We’ve also launched a Sustainability Ratings system, which provides transparency for both creators and consumers into the environmental practices of the worlds’ top 1000 retailers in an effort to help spur conversation and change.”

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